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Um, we’re not talking about Ayr, near Townsville or Nine’s Aldi News.


it has come to my attention that @SydneyCityTV has changed their DP.

begs the question, which SCTV DP do you all like better?

  • Current DP (2018-)
  • Previous DP (2013-18)

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Personally I liked the old DP but after five years (and especially the “SydneyCityTV” text on the bottom being cut off the when social media seems to increasingly go for round DPs), the time for a refresh was probably overdue! :slight_smile:


watch channel ten just change their graphics because of your DP Change lmao


The version you have on Twitter looks better, I think. :smiley:


Yeah, I originally thought the “SydneyCityTV” text might be a bit too small to work here.


We’re missing an option for sexy people in SCTV’s avatar :rofl:


My DP is S. S is for Sully. Sully is everything.


Stupid question time…

What does DP actually stand for?

I assume P is picture or profile, but can’t think what D might be?







Dick pic


Damn beat me to it.


I was so close in saying that ffs


And in the same realm as OnAir’s comment, it is also an acronym for something else sexual.


Oh please do elaborate.


You dirty dirty thing.

Anyway, welcome to Media Spy After Dark


I’ll do the content warning.

Media Spy wishes to advise that the following posts may not be suitable for younger viewers.



I like this better, as the classification is specifically designed for… it

Disclaimer: may only be sold in the ACT and NT

NB/ “X” I’m pretty sure stands for “explicit”, to differentiate it from “R” ("restricted). Former is for publically and legally exhibited or usually sold porn. R is of course what we commonly are familiar with, for “high impact” content in film, tv, gaming and online. Notes: actual intercourse therefore can not be in R, nor can violence of any kind or drugs I believe be in X


This is why we gave you your own thread