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I know I voted for Georgie but I do like her more then Sandra tbh… despite now living in an other state since I first watched her in 2014. Both excellent presenters but I don’t like the format of Ten News Sydney that much.


Do you use mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)?

  • Yes
  • No

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Only if I don’t feel like carrying my wallet with me for whatever reason. Nice to just be holding my phone / keys in my pockets and nothing else.


I was using Google Pay via my credit union but have found it far easier to use my card as Google Pay was failing a quarter of the time, which is enough to be annoying.


I use Samsung Pay… I was always sceptical about these NFC payment systems but it’s so damn convenient.


I use the Commbank app and NFC to pay for stuff, but only if I realise I’ve left my wallet in the car because I don’t want to get in the situation where I end up going to a place without an RFID card reader. 99.9% of the time I will pay with my card.

It also seems a bit awkward to say “I’ll pay with my phone” (though I’d imagine with uptake this will change).


I don’t get wanting to fumble with a phone when tapping a card is so easy.

Surprised the amount of Commbank users, I had a dollarmite account - but haven’t used them since shutting that when I was 12.

I chose NAB on the basis of the amount of fees - all the other major banks I looked at, and Bendigo Bank who I was with at the time, charged either an account keeping fee or per-transaction fees. Seems to still be the case.

What are people’s reasons for choosing their current bank?


Trump: Good or Bad? Based on what he has done during his presidency so far.

  • Good
  • Bad

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In my case, only when I’ve accidentally forgotten my wallet at home.


I would change, but all my direct debits and billing accounts reference my CBA card and account number, so it would be a great big hassle to switch.


I’ve had the same combank account since they took over my State Bank account in 1990. I’ve had a NAB and ING account as various times and several others from CBA, but my daily account hasn’t changed.


Have had a Comm Bank account since 1990 too when they took over the the only other bank which had school banking in Tassie. Used it all the years until we switched but still kept that account open for a few years to Westpac but once we got a home loan 10 years ago, moved everything back to Comm Bank and have several accounts with them now. Never really had a problem.


What would you watch at 6pm on Channel Ten?

  • News
  • The Project
  • Another current affairs show
  • Pointless
  • Family Feud
  • Another game/quiz show
  • Comedy
  • A Soap Opera
  • A Reality TV Show
  • Sports Tonight
  • A Test Card
  • Something else

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Sorry, couldn’t resist voting for the testcard! :smiley:


Either News or FF for me.


You couldn’t get me to watch FTA at 6pm.


Wheel of Fortune. Preferably repeats of ‘81-‘03 episodes.


Is liking Rob Brough and Russell Coight a legal requirement on the forums?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Just Russell
  • Just Rob

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Which former Australian drama’s would you like to see have a reboot?

  • All Saints
  • Blue Heelers
  • McLeod’s Daughters
  • Always Greener
  • Rush
  • The Secret Life of Us
  • Water Rats
  • Homicide

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I’d love to see All Saints, Blue Heelers, Rush and Water Rats


Its not listed above, but my vote would probably be for something like “Cop Shop”.