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This old chestnut

Connery > Craig > Lazenby > Dalton > Moore > Brosnan


Well yes, they are mostly old, except for Craig. :wink: :rofl:


Brosnan is my favourite.


I stand by this.


Think you’ll find it’s Moore > Brosnan > Connery > Who Cares

Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of Craig so perhaps reserve judgement there. He’s probably around Connery.


What do you prefer listening to in the car for entertainment?

  • AM Radio
  • FM Radio
  • DAB Radio
  • Internet Radio
  • MP3s/M4As/FLAC/etc.
  • Streaming Music Services (Spotify, etc.)
  • Podcasts
  • CD Player
  • Tape Deck
  • Shortwave Radio
  • My radio is turned off most of the time

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Mostly listen to triple j Melbourne via SDR# because the DAB+ software takes too much CPU, either that or if I want to get ABC Radio, I just go onto SDR# and make sure that Bendigo is coming in well because the SDR doesn’t have MW capability’s.

I only use Spotify if I really need to listen to a particular song or want a shuffled playlist.


In order:
FM Radio
CD Player


Back in my days, I used to listen to some Nova 937 music. In 2012, I decided that I wanted to stop listening to this radio station because some of the segments did not interest me. (I can’t remember the segments that Nova 937 had done). I have switched from younger demographic FM Station to AM radio (720 ABC Perth, 6PR) to listen to some AFL.


Someone here (@Aurora?) still listens to cassettes?

Oh my, I haven’t since the early 90s I think.

I still have some old ones from around 30 years ago, but I doubt that they’d be listenable anymore as I heard somewhere that they fade over time.


The tape deteriorates so it stretches or sticks together. Threw out a box full about five years ago when I tried playing them after about twenty years and they were stuffed.


No, a dummy vote. Was wondering if anyone would notice lol.


Now you know that NOTHING, but nothing gets past us pedantic people on MS.


Depends on the time of day really. Usually stream KIIS of a morning, radio for drive. Radio or iTunes in between.


Surprised so many people still use CDs in their cars. I tend to hop around between Smooth, WS and talk radio on short trips but get agitated by the amount of ads and other bullshit. If I’m driving to or from Wollongong or Canberra I’ll listen to podcasts or iTunes. I downloaded a heap of blues, folk music and acoustic covers from YouTube recently and like to belt out a tune and sing along as I cruise down the highway. I get funny looks from people when I do that in slow moving traffic.


FM, then Spotify for me.


JJJ is about the only radio I’ll listen to, other than that it’s streaming via Google Play Music.
I’m not in the car long enough to get into any podcasts.


heck, are you me? I love hearing some of the up and comers that the commercials don’t play and then hearing them on the commercials after they strike it big (particularly the very talented Amy Shark - she says hi btw).


Uh huh. I started regularly listening about 10 years ago and I remember when they started playing Tame Impala after the first EP came out…

Also no ads. Enough years of restricting yourself to ABC radio / JJJ and hearing ads on radio is just ew.