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Or that she doesn’t want to compromise herself for ratings.


Aside from the occasion in 1991 when ACA ran the story on topless hardware store employees and she walked out for two days, I don’t recall reading about diva like behaviour in connection with Wendt at the height of her fame. There were plenty of stories in the press about certain other Nine personalities during those times. Graham Kennedy’s antics and demands, particularly in relation to his dressing room, were widely covered during the two years he did News Show/Coast to Coast.

I think Jana Wendt is one of the rare breed who won’t do anything for the money. She has her standards and notoriously expressed her disdain for the direction current affairs was heading as the genre was being dumbed down in the early 1990s. Her relationship with commercial television never really recovered after Seven promised her a vehicle (Witness) to deliver quality journalism only to renege on the deal, the dispute ending when Seven settled out of court.

I don’t think it is a question of whether she is “difficult to work with”, it’s just that the networks have force fed us a diet of tabloid current affairs for so long that her style of journalism and her interests are no longer a suitable fit for commercial television.


So Jana went after this story? Just put of interest, does anybody have a copy of this story for research purposes.


She walked out for two days but left the show permanently in 1992. Here is an interview from 2003 where she talks about it:


27 years later and nothing has changed…


Jana had high journalistic standards and the network nowadays don’t have high standards.
l remember an interview with her many years ago just after her last exit from Nine and she said her one regret was that she didn’t quit TV sooner.
At the peak of her career she was the highest paid person on television and even won a gold logie which she didn’t attend to accept, citing work commitments in Sydney for ACA as the excuse.
I never heard rumours of diva antics from her but do remember constant rumours of trouble with network executives about content of programs she was fronting.


What is the biggest downfall in TV history since the 2000s?

  • Channel 9’s on-air warehouse presentation in 2006
  • TEN News Revolution in 2011
  • New shows launched on TEN in 2012

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Who would you rather watch?

  • Someone whispering you the news (Gemma Gunn /Katrina Carvalho
  • Someone shouting the news (Alison Ariotti /Jaqui Felgate)

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Whoever wrote that must’ve been referring to Naomi Robson.


Can’t vote since I’ve never seen any of them before. Maybe a good thing?


Special appearance by MediaSpy member @Radiohead on tonight’s Hot Seat :wink: Certainly got the contestant excited.


I’ll be expecting my royalty cheque from Channel Nine in the mail very shortly.

Top prize will do Eddie.


Was the username inspired by the band? :slight_smile:

Although it does have to be said that there’s been at least one Media Spy member (possibly even two) who has actually appeared on Hot Seat as a contestant before…


Surely there’s something in the Media Spy rules about accusing fellow members of being a creep, or a weirdo :wink:


I’ve auditioned before but didn’t get on the show


It was more due to the fact that my first true media love was radio, and the band’s name was a good fit to reflect that.

Though I am also probably also bit of a weirdo (though in a good way! :smile: ) as per the lyrics in their best known song “Creep”.


Or was the band inspired by the user? A real chicken or the egg conundrum!


Given I’ve only been using it since this version of Media Spy started in late December 2015 (?), highly unlikely.

But thank you all the same!


Favourite James Bond actors
(can pick more than one)

  • Sean Connery (1962–67; 1971; 1983)
  • David Niven (1967)
  • George Lazenby (1969)
  • Roger Moore (1973–85)
  • Timothy Dalton (1987–89)
  • Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)
  • Daniel Craig (2006–present)

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David Niven was James Bond?