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But would you go to the Barossa, the Sunshine Coast, the Sapphire Coast, the Surf Coast etc. Confusion I guess from the Gold Coast City Council, which is the local government up that way.


For the most part, isn’t the addition of “the” while talking about a region just grammatically correct?


But most people do say ‘the Northern Territory’ or ‘the ACT’. Must be confusing for people learning English!


Yeah that was more my point. English is full of contradictions.


Well, it’s just the structure of English. Those place names are made up of an adjective and a noun. Or a place name which acts like an adjective and a noun.

The Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the Darling Downs, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory follow the format. It follows on even when you shorten it because it’s the Barossa Valley, the Hunter Valley or the Illawarra region.


from that Simpsons episode:

  • Garage
  • Car hole

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Shove it up your carhole.




Perhaps a better poll would have been “Did you hear carhole or carhold?”


Are you saying boo or boo-urns?

  • Boo
  • Boo-urns

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State of Origin

  • NSW
  • QLD

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Are you gay for Moleman?

  • Yes
  • No one’s gay for Moleman

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How about a option for ‘I don’t give a damn’


Favourite Media Watcher? :slight_smile:

  • Stuart Littlemore (1989-1997)
  • Richard Ackland (1998/1999)
  • Paul Barry (2000, Late 2010 fill-in for Jonathan Holmes, 2013-now)
  • David Marr (2002-2004)
  • Liz Jackson (2005)
  • Monica Attard (2006/2007)
  • Jonathan Holmes (2008-2013, aside from the later part of 2010 when Paul Barry filled in)

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Personally I think it’s a toss-up between Holmes & Barry (it was around 2007-08 I really started paying attention to Media Watch, only vaguely remembering the Monica Attard era) although judging by the clips I’ve seen online, all the hosts were/are good in their own way IMO!


Might as well get it started…

Favourite ACA presenter?

    1. Jana Wendt
    1. Mike Willessee
    1. Mike Munro
    1. Ray Martin
    1. Tracy Grimshaw
    1. Eddie McGuire

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Jana was unbeatable. Her presentation style was second to none and is still unmatched today for a show like ACA.


It’s a travesty that such a respected, iconic journalist doesn’t still have a role on Australian television today. An American journo of that calibre would be revered and have their pick of any job they wanted.


Indeed. She was great on Ten with David Johnston, and excelled at ACA and 60 minutes (and later Sunday). Shame she (and Ray Martin) doesn’t have a regular role on TV these days.

I would imagine her as the Barbara Walters/Dianne Sawyer of Australia.


The fact that she has worked at all 5 networks suggests to me that they find her difficult to work with?
That says something to me anyway.
It’s interesting that she hasn’t worked at SKY News.


She probably has principles.