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I thought Jesus drove a Christler?


If Jesus does exist, I doubt he/she/it would need a Chrysler. Or any car, to be honest. :wink: :rofl:

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When flying/travelling, do you prefer

  • Window seat
  • Aisle seat

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Another reason why @JBar and I are a perfect match. I get the window seat and you take the isle :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer the window seat in premium economy / business and the aisle in economy.

Aisle is less risky if you are traveling solo though, you never know who you could end up having to climb over to get to the toilet if you take the window. But as a fat guy the aisle means getting bumped into by passengers and trolleys all flight long, so it’s not much of a tradeoff.


Well la-dee-da. Must be tough flying with those heathens in economy behind you :stuck_out_tongue:


As a tall person being able to put my foot out into the isle helps for extra leg room.

That said, I’ve always just flown Jetstar and let them pick where I sit.


Sounds like people here get to travel quite a bit. Slightly jealous. I haven’t been on a plane since 2015 and went on the Spirit in 2016. We have just booked a holiday on the Gold Coast for October though so that will be good but will be interesting taking two kids under 4 on the plane for the first time! Not quite Ten Days Off the Island but a week will do.

  • At least once a week
  • At least once a month
  • At least once a year
  • At least once every 5 years
  • At least once every 10 years

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I’m the same. Window (only seat) for Business. Aisle elsewhere.

It’s pissing me off that Virgin is sending all their A330’s to Hong Kong and leaving us with shitty 737’s for the West Coast / East Coast run.


They really shouldn’t have taken the A330s off the route until they were able to offer an equivalent 737 Business product (which they still promise to release - will be very interesting if they can pull it off tbh) for the transcontinental routes. Such a massive downgrade, and I’m super wary of using velocity for upgrades because they still have A330s listed for most routes when booking, but working at the airport I know that there are some days on SYD / MEL services that they’re not using A330s at all and it would be such a waste of points with no compensation if you got bumped to a 737 after getting promised an A330.

Qantas is also doing it but the majority of their transcontinental services remain A330 based.


It annoys me that Virgin & Qantas still use 737’s for their Sydney to Denpasar routes. It’s quite a popular route, I know that Virgin has Business (from (1 to 3) and Economy plus from rows (4 to 6) but Qantas only has Business. Jetstar & Garuda is the only airlines using wide body’s on that route.


I would suggest that using narrow body aircraft to Denpasar with a larger number of daily flights (therefore a better choice of departure/arrival times for passengers) works out more viable than wide body aircraft with less daily flights.

Out of Perth (which has between 8 to 10 daily flights to Denpasar per day depending on season), only Garuda’s daily service uses a widebody and it is not even close to full apart from the very busiest weeks of the season. In comparison JQs 3 daily A320s are always full day in day out every week of the year. Garuda and Batik both offer business class, yet they tend to be the least patronised airlines on the route compared to AirAsia and Jetstar which means it’s a fair assumption to assume that the demand for the route is primarily price conscious / budget travelers.


Ive had that happen to me before. Upgraded with points for a ‘The Business’ flight only to be bumped to a 737. Was reading about the planned Business upgrade for those planes but clearly is taking a while.


Do you know what I find really funny. When we all talk about the Gold Coast we always seem to put the in front. Its not like we say I am traveling to the Sydney on the weekend. But for Gold Coast we need the in front. Anyway my random thought for the day.


Because it’s a name for a region - you’re probably actually going to a place like Southport or Surfer’s Paradise, which you wouldn’t put ‘the’ in front of.

Kinda like you’d go to ‘the Snow’ or ‘the Beach’ - a vague general concept rather than a specific place.


Yes, that’s right, though I note it only applies to places that end with “Coast” eg. Sunshine/Central Coast, and not “Bay” eg. Hervey Bay, which is also the name of a region.


Its an interesting concept. Obviously we need the the there but for regions like states for example I wouldn’t say i am going to the NSW or to the Victoria. Or even for a place like Phillip island or kangaroo island i wouldnt say the kangaroo island which is alsoa region. But then i would say i am going to the riverland which is a region.


True, same with the Illawarra and the Hunter Valley


In Brisbane we usually say we are going “up [to] the coast” or “down [to] the coast”. It’s also usually The Darling Downs.