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Media Watch have spent quite a lot of time in the past commenting on the loss of regional news outlets, mainly focused on print, but at times also television, so I think they have covered a lot of that area.
I would also say that their team seem to have a unique order of story importance - it may just take a few months for them to mention it, so I wouldn’t write it off completely.

I do feel that they’ve been very reactive and over-stimulated by the rubbish Sky News pumps out on a regular basis, and when Media Watch comment, it just fuels a perpetual cycle of comment from one to another.

It’s clear that journalism in this country is far from ideal.

Covering Sky News seems to be further litigating variations of a theme - I don’t think there’s been a “new” issue raised about Sky News for some time now.

It’s basically all the same - Sky News is right wing, spouting out the wrong crap, yada yada. They could do a special all about Sky and that could do them for a while.


Robbie Buck is doing Media Bites this week and i thought he did a great job, nice line delivery.

Paul Barry back tonight.

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📺 Tonight on #MediaWatch:

✂️ ABC backlash over cuts.

🔴 Age columnist Julie Szego cancelled over transgender controversy.

🔵 And media at sea over two ocean tragedies.

9.15 @abctv

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) June 26, 2023

Congrats to @TheRealPBarry Ten years this week since he took over from me as @ABCmediawatch presenter. Just one of his many great segments.

— Jonathan Holmes (@jonaholmes48) July 8, 2023


📺 Tonight on #MediaWatch:

🚫 Whoops wrong man — Perth media make horror mistake.

🔵 ABC backflips over Heston Russell defamation case.

☀️ And the Sun’s expose on the BBC’s Huw Edwards.

9.15 @abctv

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) July 17, 2023

According to The Guardian Australia, the Media Watch Twitter account is staying open as it is an independent account.


Media Watch renewed for another season in 2024.


Season final is Monday 4 December



Sky News captions

Media Watch: On 2 October Media Watch broadcast a story about Michael Pezzullo. The story featured several examples of Mr Pezzullo’s name being miscaptioned in auto-generated captions, which it said occurred “on Sky News”. In fact, the miscaptioning occurred in several Sky News videos published on the MSN website. The same errors did not occur in the broadcast versions of the same content, or on the Sky News website. Media Watch should have attributed the errors to MSN, not Sky News. Note: An earlier version of this correction stated that the miscaptioned videos had been published on the Sky News website. This was incorrect.

Season final is at 8.30pm next Monday.


They really need a new presenter, Barry has been doing it so long now and it really needs a fresh voice every few years.

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Farting TikToks and crude shock jocks – Our best (and worst) moments of 2023. #MediaBites #MediaWatch

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) November 30, 2023


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Season final 8:30pm tonight

📺 Tonight on #MediaWatch:

🏠 Seven’s grubby deal for its Bruce Lehrmann exclusive.

💰 Commercial news do the big sell for Amazon.

⛏️ Tunnel rescuer Arnold Dix charms the media.

Tonight. Earlier time of 8.30pm. ABC TV + iview

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) December 4, 2023
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A little surprised no one else has commented, just watched the last ep of MW, using Media Bites as the wrap of the year was kind of jarring, it’s a completely different tone to Media Watch, realise it was probably done as a cross promotion, but think it was a bit of a fail