Media Watch

I thought they did?

No they haven’t. I’ve watched all of them since the bulletin was axed, and not one mention of it.

Unless I’ve missed something, but I don’t think I have.

Yeah, the axing of a regional news bulletin is not a new or unique event, so i can’t see why Media Watch would cover it.

It would be nice. Perhaps a mention in Media Bites, but it’s still very niche and impacts such a small amount of people.

I still think though by looking at the name “media watch” that it is still an important issue. If not to highlight the overall reporting of these regions and to create a platform for discussion or at the very least informing people who may not be aware.

I personally feel sometimes the content is patchy when discussing media and think this is a vital program.


Hold on a Sec, They have a 15 minute program and can not fit every mistake that is made in the media.

However I do argee that Mediawatch should have more focus on the lost of the new service, I feel Media Watch has lost it way a little bit in the last 2 years.

I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned it. They went on and on about the loss of country newspapers, and this would be similar.

I think they need to refresh Media Watch. Time for a younger host who can give 'em stick.

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Janine Perrett

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I think that beyond 15 minutes they could use the media bites segment, post articles etc. The brand itself has legacy, just feel the content could be more ‘media’. Showcase what can be better, educate the auidance and when needed provide the advocacy.

Sounds tailor made for you! :grin:

I would be friggin’ awesome. 15 minutes of me whaling on everyone. Now that’s your tax dollars well spent.


Can’t believe we’re chatting to the new host of RN’s Modesty Hour.


You would love it. :wink: :rofl:

You are many things, but modest ain’t one of them :grinning:

I can be. Depends on the situation. I’d be better to look at than Paul Barry though, it must be said.

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Announced at the end of tonight’s program that John Barron will be in the chair for the next two weeks.


Dear ABC - you can DM me, I’ll be more than happy to replace both Barry and Barron for two weeks. You’ll won’t be able to get me out of the chair. :rofl:

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you called?


Not that young.

Sorry, Media Watch needs a younger, crankier person to give media the shits. And I’m that laxative everyone is crying out for. :rofl:

I’d watch you hosting just for the LOLs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: