Media Spy Awards 2019 - Nominations

Nominations will close a fortnight from today (24/11), voting to occur in the new year


Same deal as last year, feel free to put multiple nominations in each category and I’ll collate for voting

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Good to hear that the Media Spy Awards are returning for 2019! :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’re also allowed to post in this thread what we nominated, especially if it helps those who haven’t yet filled in their nominations to come up with some:

Best Program(s) of the Year: Gogglebox Australia
Worst Program(s) of the Year: Most of the dating, relationship and wedding-themed shows. Aside from perhaps Love Me As I Am and Love On The Spectrum, they did more harm than good.
Best Channel (FTA or Subscription): ABC-TV
Worst Channel (FTA or Subscription): Sky News on WIN
Best Presenter(s) / Personality of the Year: Mike Dalton, Nine News Sydney. Honourable mention to Lee Constable from Scope, 10 Peach.
Worst Presenter(s) / Personality of the Year: Anyone on Sky News after 6pm! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Best Streaming / Catchup Service (FTA or Subscription): Tie between ABC iView & SBS ON DEMAND
Worst Streaming / Catchup Service (FTA or Subscription): 10 All Access

Best News/Current Affairs Service: ABC News NSW
Worst News/Current Affairs Service: Seven News Sydney
Best News/Current Affairs Coverage: NSW & Federal Elections, ABC News
Worst News/Current Affairs Coverage: Darwin Shooting, all commercial news services. If this incident took place in Sydney or Melbourne, I’m sure Seven and Nine especially would’ve been running non-stop rolling coverage with a “nation in mourning” angle!

Best Radio Station(s) - AM/FM/Digital/Online: Smooth 95.3 Sydney
Best Radio Network(s) - AM/FM/Digital/Online: ABC Radio
Best Radio Presenter(s): Brendan Jones & Amanda Keller, WSFM Sydney
Worst Radio Presenter(s): Kyle Sandilands & Jackie “O” Henderson, basically anyone on commercial talkback radio

Best Newspaper / Magazine: The Sydney Morning Herald
Worst Newspaper / Magazine: Woman’s Day & New Idea
Best News Website: The Guardian Australia
Worst News Website: Daily Mail Australia
Worst News Coverage: News Corp, political coverage in general
Worst Journalist / Contributor: Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman, Miranda Divine, Caleb Bond - News Corp Australia

Moment of the Year: Reaction to the new sets for 10 News First Sydney & ABC News NSW
Best Contributor: @Abesty
Best Member: @TV-Expert
Most Memorable Member: @MGO. When he posts (which isn’t every day), I read!
Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession): @Sully, movies on TV/classifications


Can this be pinned?

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Totally agree - I reckon if Nine News Darwin was still produced locally, Nine’s coverage would have been way better.


My nominations (excuse me if I forget to remember what people I have put down!):
Best Programs of the Year: Lego Masters
Worst Program of the year: Saturday Night Rove – some of the segments were not good.
Best Channel (FTA or Subscription): Nine
Worst Channel (FTA or Subsription): SKy News on WIN

Best Contributor: @TV.Cynic - for his hard work and posting new threads in daily ratings!
Most Memorable Member: @Sully - When he posts everyday.
MOst Obsessive Members: @Mitchell_Nock for his love on Channel 7 shows.


Reminder nominations closes at the end of the weekend

can’t wait to see who is nominated :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I came really late, I just submitted my nominations.

Good luck with those


I missed them too, tricky part of the year to have time to do them perhaps it could be extended

Well, given I’ve been busy and haven’t done anything and the form is still open…

I’ll close it off mId week


Have nominations closed yet? ;p

In bacco’s defence, he didn’t say which week he was closing them in.


Sorry all - I’ve been caught up in some non-Media Spy related stuff

When will these awards be announced?

Voting will be soon


Voting is now live in our special voting forum

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