Media Spy Awards 2019 - Nominations

Nominations will close a fortnight from today (24/11), voting to occur in the new year


Same deal as last year, feel free to put multiple nominations in each category and I’ll collate for voting

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Good to hear that the Media Spy Awards are returning for 2019! :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’re also allowed to post in this thread what we nominated, especially if it helps those who haven’t yet filled in their nominations to come up with some:

Best Program(s) of the Year: Gogglebox Australia
Worst Program(s) of the Year: Most of the dating, relationship and wedding-themed shows. Aside from perhaps Love Me As I Am and Love On The Spectrum, they did more harm than good.
Best Channel (FTA or Subscription): ABC-TV
Worst Channel (FTA or Subscription): Sky News on WIN
Best Presenter(s) / Personality of the Year: Mike Dalton, Nine News Sydney. Honourable mention to Lee Constable from Scope, 10 Peach.
Worst Presenter(s) / Personality of the Year: Anyone on Sky News after 6pm! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Best Streaming / Catchup Service (FTA or Subscription): Tie between ABC iView & SBS ON DEMAND
Worst Streaming / Catchup Service (FTA or Subscription): 10 All Access

Best News/Current Affairs Service: ABC News NSW
Worst News/Current Affairs Service: Seven News Sydney
Best News/Current Affairs Coverage: NSW & Federal Elections, ABC News
Worst News/Current Affairs Coverage: Darwin Shooting, all commercial news services. If this incident took place in Sydney or Melbourne, I’m sure Seven and Nine especially would’ve been running non-stop rolling coverage with a “nation in mourning” angle!

Best Radio Station(s) - AM/FM/Digital/Online: Smooth 95.3 Sydney
Best Radio Network(s) - AM/FM/Digital/Online: ABC Radio
Best Radio Presenter(s): Brendan Jones & Amanda Keller, WSFM Sydney
Worst Radio Presenter(s): Kyle Sandilands & Jackie “O” Henderson, basically anyone on commercial talkback radio

Best Newspaper / Magazine: The Sydney Morning Herald
Worst Newspaper / Magazine: Woman’s Day & New Idea
Best News Website: The Guardian Australia
Worst News Website: Daily Mail Australia
Worst News Coverage: News Corp, political coverage in general
Worst Journalist / Contributor: Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman, Miranda Divine, Caleb Bond - News Corp Australia

Moment of the Year: Reaction to the new sets for 10 News First Sydney & ABC News NSW
Best Contributor: @Abesty
Best Member: @TV-Expert
Most Memorable Member: @MGO. When he posts (which isn’t every day), I read!
Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession): @Sully, movies on TV/classifications


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Totally agree - I reckon if Nine News Darwin was still produced locally, Nine’s coverage would have been way better.

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My nominations (excuse me if I forget to remember what people I have put down!):
Best Programs of the Year: Lego Masters
Worst Program of the year: Saturday Night Rove – some of the segments were not good.
Best Channel (FTA or Subscription): Nine
Worst Channel (FTA or Subsription): SKy News on WIN

Best Contributor: @TV.Cynic - for his hard work and posting new threads in daily ratings!
Most Memorable Member: @Sully - When he posts everyday.
MOst Obsessive Members: @Mitchell_Nock for his love on Channel 7 shows.


Reminder nominations closes at the end of the weekend

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