Media Spy Awards 2018 (Voting)



Voting commences now and will run until Australia Day with the results announced after that

A handful of awards have already been decided based on nominations and the Mawk Member of the Year will be decided by the staff


who tf thought it was a good idea nominating me as a best contributor and/or best member :laughing: I didn’t think I was that eclectic in my shiposts, but oh well.

Didn’t realise how fun voting in the awards were but all I can say is COWABUNGA DUDES

Aside from the absence of Hitch, what was so bad about Nine’s Victorian Election coverage? Don’t really remember any major complaints about that at the time.

One wonders what a particular ex-member would think about being nominated in one of the “Worst” media-related categories? Although it was really tough choosing between five deserving nominees for that award, in the end I went for Annette Sharp.

TBH, I was expecting a Nine News Sydney-related nomination in the “Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession)” category but for the obsession to be Mike Dalton. Although maybe that will happen during the 2019 awards nomination process! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I voted for you :slight_smile: Hope you win!

NB/ Am both shocked and honoured to have been nominated in the most prestigious categories, thank you all. PS: my network obsession is wrong btw

Some of the best radio presenter nominees could have been added to the worst nominations!

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It should have been 7BCM?

So close! Broadcast Centre Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, c’mon guys, in all seriousness I’ll always stick up for one only… 10!

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Your Money is the Best FTA Multichannel and you know it.

The favorite radio station was hard to vote for - I detest all five of them.

Also, relieved I didn’t get a guernsey for any of the member categories. :relieved:

If this was Media Spy After Dark I’d be furious at being overlooked for Best Member

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I’d just like to acknowledge my nominations in several categories and say how much I deserve it.

Vote early… vote often… for me! :sunglasses:

The radio station was hard as they are all pretty mediocre, ended up picking MMM Melbourne!

To be honest, i’m surprised about my ‘Best New Member’ nomination. Obviously someone likes my posting which mostly consists of reminiscing about old presenters, presentation packages and idents :smile:

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Yep, same here except I picked Triple M Sydney (because you have to support the local guys)!

Although I personally nominated/voted for MGO in the “Best New Member” category, I certainly would not be disappointed if you managed to win because your posts have for the most part, been quite enjoyable during your (so far) short time on Media Spy! :slight_smile:

Should I be thankful or upset at not being nominated for anything :joy:


I’d like to know the answer to this too. I watched the coverage and I thought it was fine?

Was Melbourne’s Tony Jones part of it? They could explain it.


TJ and probably their stupid gimmicks each election.

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I’m sure there’s a big brass eggplant award with your name on it. Unlike Tom Gleeson on Hard Quiz, nobody here wants to know what you intend to do with it.

Reid Butler’s omission from the nominations is a freaking travesty.