Media Spy Awards 2018 (Voting)


TJ and probably their stupid gimmicks each election.


I’m sure there’s a big brass eggplant award with your name on it. Unlike Tom Gleeson on Hard Quiz, nobody here wants to know what you intend to do with it.

Reid Butler’s omission from the nominations is a freaking travesty.


It’s pretty clear a loony leftie put together the awards.

I voted for @SydneyCityTV for the obsession with Nine News Sydney Weather Presenter, something I think is a bit of a stretch!! I don’t think their weather presenter makes much of a difference TBH. Anyway… hope you win! Is that a good thing?? :laughing:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I would be happy for any of the other three options for ‘Best New Member’ as they have all contributed some good content to the forum in various ways.

The ‘Best Member’ and ‘Best Contributor’ topics were certainly hard to decide on, especially with the amount of knowledgeable and informative members here. Kyle Sandilands did feature quite heavily in my negative votes, along with the Daily Mail and New Idea.




Media Spy members were given the opportunity to provide nominations over a few weeks. Presumably any that made the final list were those which received the most nominations. Some of mine didn’t make the final cut, but I’m OK with that because many others had different opinions.

Oh yes, the professional/industry acknowledged awards events would never do that! :laughing:

Personally I’m not sure if it’s that much of a stretch with Seven News Sydney managing to enjoy considerably more ratings success during the 6.30pm hour (which I can’t seriously imagine had a lot to do with the amazing banter from Fergo & McLaughlin or the hard hitting “Don’t Miss” stories afterwards) than the 6pm half/hourly average figures during 2018.

But I digress. In the event that I do win, I’ll be wearing that as a badge of honour! :slight_smile:


Would say this played a role…


I so hope you’re being devastatingly satirical and playing up the fun nature of the awards?


Are you sure you don’t want to know?

I think “deep inside” there’s just a smidge of curiosity…

After all, you brought up bronzed phalluses :eggplant::laughing:


I personally have no problem with recognising people who according to fellow members, have contributed positively or are simply just memorable!


We called for nominations last month (there was even a form!) and the most nominated responses were selected (a few categories included all nominations, minus dupes)


Thank u, next


I don’t know, calling yourself an insider on a media forum while you’re still at high school is pretty biased.


It is all a bit of fun


Can we get Ricky Gervais to host it this year please?


Nah, I say let me do it. I’m cheaper and way more funnier. :rofl:




Lol what exactly are you saying?


right. also where is this original post? deleted?

I’m surprised Jbar wasn’t nominated for best shit stirrer :smirk:


Right here Drew: Media Spy Awards 2018 (Nominations)