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Diana Sowle, aged 88, was one of the last surviving adult cast members of Willy Wonka movie.


Jackie O and her husband of 18 years, Lee Henderson, have split.



That’s sad, went through a phase of seeing him around town during his time on Spicks and Specks, eventually said hello and had a lengthy chat about the importance of music in schools. A great loss for one of Australian music’s biggest supporters.


Video of Quentin Kenihan’s memorial service at Adelaide Town Hall on Sunday:


Gone too soon.


They named their new born daughter Banks Violet Blair.


Renowned author and journalist Louis Cha, also known by his pen name Jin Yong, died today at 94.

He wrote 15 martial arts novels from 1955 to 1972 and founded Ming Pao Daily News (still in publication) in Hong Kong in 1959.


Former Home and Away actress Bonnie Sveen gave birth to twin girls, Myrtle and Emerald, in late September.


The iconic Channel Ten logo has been put to rest after 27 years.


Birth announcement. CBS Corporation successfully delivered into the world tonight three new logos.


Why have they got pictures of cherries around the banner “peach” :thinking:


Already getting ready to change the name to the much more friendly “10 Stonefruit”. Stonefruit being one word though, because two words would just be silly.


Chow’s Golden Harvest also brought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the big screen in 1990 and made two sequels in 1991 and 1993.


Does this count?

SBS presenter Lucy Zelic and her partner Corey Gamiero are expecting. But guess who made the announcement…

First of all, to prevent child abuse, don’t let the kid signup for a Wanderers, Mariners or Sydney membership or academy or clinic. Highly recommend the Jets.

Secondly, to Craig - f**k off to Europe and stay there. He sounds like she;s going to be popping off sprogs for the Socceroos or Matlidas judging by what he’s said.


Sorry it hasn’t been mentioned before but a week ago one of China’s most prominent TV presenters, Li Yong, died from cancer at the age of 50 in the USA. He hosted many variety shows and the yearly Chinese NYE gala.

As someone who was a fan of his presenting, thought it might’ve been worthwhile to share it here on MS.


Politician Ted Mack has died aged 84. He was the former Mayor of North Sydney, former NSW state member for North Shore, and former federal member for North Sydney.


Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas married American actor Logan Huffman in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast last weekend.


Entertainment report Peter Ford first revealed Gavan Disney’s death on 3AW breakfast on Thursday but there had been no press reports since then.


The voice of Hal from 2001 A Space Odyssey has died.