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Bob Jane has passed away at the age of 88. As a Bathurst local, the story is doing rounds across local Facebook pages. A shock to everyone here from Bathurst.


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It’s Gwyneth’s second marriage. She married Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin in 2003 but they divorced in 2016.




In The Australian, a spokesperson for Nine has mistakenly stated that Ron Casey hosted the Wide World of Sports. He never did. Casey hosted World of Sport, which was a totally different and earlier program to the Wide World of Sports hosted by Ian Chappell and Mike Gibson. The two programs overlaped on Nine for about a year iirc.


My friend @televisionau will be able to confirm, but I believe there are two media people named Ron Casey, one worked at seven in Melbourne and one did time at Nine in sydney


Two Ron Casey’s one a Melbourne broadcaster and the other Ron in Sydney.
HSV-7 World Of Sport host and Stations general manager, he died in 2000.


I’m guessing the ACA glass throwing incident and the Midday punch up clips are being trotted out on television news today?

I doubt Normie Rowe will be at the funeral.

I don’t remember him at Seven but do recall he read the sport news on Nine for many years prior to Mike Gibson. It puzzled me that Ten picked him up following his years at Nine. As a child I found him to be a scary, abrasive figure. My mother listened to him when he did his talkback morning show on 2KY. He was probably several decades ahead of his time and would’ve been quite at home as part of the Sky News after dark line up.


Ron Casey in Sydney would also be remembered for his opposition to Asian immigration in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His comments on radio got widespread coverage in Chinese-language newspapers here in Australia at that time and sparked outrage in the local Chinese community.


Even Club Veg’s lampooning of Casey’s inappropriate behaviour would be considered offensive and inappropriate these days.


Possibly only to check if he’s really dead.

Reference to Mike Carlton vs Stan Zemanek.


I recall Casey saying a few times on radio that he was attracted to Pauline Hanson. Obviously because of her views.

2KY and 2GB both gave him a few chances after he blurted out controversial comments but he never learnt that there was a line he shouldn’t have crossed.


Normie was saying nice things on Studio 10 this morning.


I now have images of Wron serenading her using his Elmer Fudd voice. Ewwwwww… :rofl:


Yeah. I think they buried the hatchet quite a few years ago. I seem to remember him doing that once before in an interview.


News reports on TCN9 and TEN10. Ron Casey presented the sports news on both.

Jason Morrison claims that Ron worked for Seven but I can’t recall him ever being at Seven.


Hendo still looks very spry in Nine’s package. Looks healthy enough to saddle up for a stint at the news desk. Would’ve been nice to see some archive vision of him and Casey at the desk. As usual most of that vision looks like it was lifted from You Tube.