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Seeing as i’m the other type of ‘guy’ that is mainly found in Melbourne and associates themselves with trams, punk music, and gays. I would have no clue what the “stripper from snapchat is”






Melbourne cartoonist Geoff “Jeff” Hook died yesterday aged 89. He was best known for including his signature hook anywhere on his cartoon.

I first came across his work in the early 1990s when I saw his cartoons for The Met (now Public Transport Victoria) on trains and trams. His work was generally about daily life while another top artist Ron Tandberg specialised on political cartoons.


Very sad, was always a challenge to search for his hook. He did a series of kids books for each VFL team. Many cartoons were set at Doorub railway station, Hook’s local spelt backwards, Burwood.

When the Herald merged with the Sun, Hook was relegated to Sundays with Mark Knight becoming the daily cartoonist. Here’s Knight’s tribute.


Jeff Hook’s cartoons appeared not only on The Sun and the Herald Sun, but also RoyalAuto (RACV member magazine).


NRL star Cooper Cronk and Fox Sports presenter Tara Rushton have welcomed a baby boy.




Sky Business commentator Ticky Fullerton married Australian Financial Review editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury at Oxfordshire last weekend, in what was dubbed “Ticky and Stutch wedding”.


What’s their supercouple name?


Titch? Stucky? Sticky? Tickbury? Fullerstutch?



Bullimore wearing his Channel 7 cap, after the network had signed him up for an exclusive interview.


Some sad news out of WWE


there were multiple ex wrestler deaths yesterday.

as well as Brian Christopher (Son of Jerry “The King” Lawler, who had a legendary feud with comedian Andy Kauffman that was told as part of the movie “Man on the Moon”) there was Nikolai Volkoff and Brickhouse Brown.

Christopher commited suicide in jail, Brickhouse Brown died of cancer and Volkoff’s cause has not been released.


The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie have split.


That’s sad.