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So Sunday 7th will decide the top 4 then by Tuesday 9th the top 3 will be decided? If the finale is the 16th then is there no episode on the 14th?

It’s possible that the grand final will be shown across two nights, on July 15 and 16. We will find out on Sunday morning when the advance guides are released.

EDIT: the grand final on July 16 will be two hours.

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There will be episodes on 14th, 15th and 16th.

This show has officially jumped the shark. What a disgrace tonight’s result is. :rage:

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I am sorry but how is it a disgrace when that contestant clearly didn’t fulfil the brief.

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Jumped the shark, because the so called weakest in tonight’s episode left? When it comes to the bottom 5, the judges do have to nitpick on all the contestants dishes.

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It’s hard to criticise a show that has 4 judges who taste the food while no-one viewing can. Sometimes they might need to articulate better why one dish was better than another but tonight it didn’t look close to me. Not that I’m a fan of Pez and did really like Mimi as a contestant.

A reunion of this season’s contestants returns this year. It will be shown this Sunday (July 14) at 7.30pm.

Andy, Poh and Jean-Christophe swap roles, becoming the cooks while the Semi-Finalists become the judges’. The fun doesn’t stop there, as our Semi-Finalists must then take on the judges in a relay.

It would be the first contestant reunion since season 14.

It will be followed by the semi-final (service challenge) on Monday, July 15 and the grand final on July 16.

So technically a Masterclass

Really? There were 2 very clear bottom dishes. Whilst Pezza didn’t have the most exciting or creative dish, at the end of the day it came down to balancing the ingredient that they chose which Mimi didn’t do a great job of. I think the right person left based on that.

I was just more surprised that Sav won the challenge for the same reasons. It was about balancing the ingredients and her dish was still super spicy. I think Harry should have taken it out but I guess not a big deal as it didn’t impact who left.


It is not a Masterclass because it would have involved Andy and/or Jean-Christophe demonstrating one of their signature dishes to the contestants. I would love to see it happen next season though.

I’m surprised Pezza survived this time too as he was clearly struggling in this cook

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I was surprised that Pezza survived once again, this time in the pressure rest, re-creating Josh Niland’s flounder dish.

I feel sorry for Harry. He called himself the seafood expert but the pressure of cooking in front of his idol got to him. He made too many errors which led to his elimination. Nat, whose dish included an undercooked fish belly, should consider herself very lucky.

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Grand Finale Week Is Here.

MasterChef Australia Grand Finale Week Starts This Sunday On 10 And 10 Play.

Who will win the title of MasterChef Australia 2024? We’re only days away from finding out whether Josh “Pezza” Perry, Nat Thaipun or Sav Perera will claim the grand prize.

To kick off grand finale week festivities, on Sunday night, all 22 contestants will be back in the MasterChef kitchen. The tables will be turned with the top three challenging MasterChef Australia judges Andy, Poh and Jean-Christophe with a mystery box. Pezza, Nat and Sav will then compete against Andy, Poh and Jean-Christophe in a MasterChef Australia classic: the team relay. Sofia and three returning contestants will decide which team reigns supreme.

On Monday it is semi-final day and the final three will take on a massive service challenge. Pezza, Nat and Sav will have to prepare a three-course menu to impress the judges, guest chef Curtis Stone and 60 diners. For one contestant, it will be the end of their MasterChef Australia journey, with the two top cooks winning their place in the grand finale.

On Tuesday, the MasterChef Australia grand finale is here. The top two will go head-to-head over two huge rounds and in the final challenge of the season internationally renowned chef and Michelin star trailblazer, Clare Smyth, will set an unforgettable four-hour pressure test. Only one home cook will emerge triumphant, being named the winner of MasterChef Australia, taking home $250,000 and a residency at Crown Melbourne’s ALUMNI restaurant.


Season 16 premieres on cable channel Lifetime Asia next Tuesday (July 23). It is using 10’s first promo of the season to advertise the show.

It was a funny reunion episode last night. Jean-Christophe was very clumsy at the start of his cook in both mystery box and team relay challenges, but once he settled down his skills were on full display.

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I like that the viewers were able to see the actual menu cards for the semi-final on social media.

I do wonder where the producers get their supply of Hokkaido scallops from?

Sav was eliminated for the second and final time, after judges found errors in her pork belly entree and lobster main.

Tonight’s the night! Who will take home the MasterChef trophy?

Grand Finale 7.30 tonight


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Nat and Josh’s loved ones were welcomed into the MC kitchen, even before the judges said about the challenge format and before the stoves and benches were set up for the grand final.