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Dessert Masters Week

10 said that Josh Perry was absent from Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes (keeping up with Curtis Stone and sauce immunity challenge respectively) as he was ill.

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I don’t like this format. Someone is sick - so they get to miss out on an elimination (that they could have been gone) only to come back and then be in an elimination against people (that they could easily beat).

Maybe they should halt production for these people that are seemingly always sick these days. I don’t remember it being so prevalent back in the olden days.

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Isn’t this how they have handled it all the way through, if you miss a challenge you went straight into the next elimination no matter what.

Every elimination challenge “I’m ill” makes it to the end lol

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It’s the first time since season 11 in 2019 that MasterChef has Sweet Week.

Synopses for next week

Sunday 9 June
Tonight’s elimination is a plant-based challenge, where contestants create a well-known meat dish using only plant-based ingredients for their chance to secure the Top 10 of MasterChef 2024.

Monday 10 June
Sweet Week has arrived! Adriano Zumbo is here as a guest judge and kicks things off with a wobbly jelly Mystery Box. Contestants compete to make a perfect shaky sweet to win precious immunity.

Tuesday 11 June
Sweet Week continues as Adriano Zumbo sets a challenge that puts a new twist on a classic. The cooks must interpret the croquembouche in their own unique way.

Wednesday 12 June
Immunity challenge: It’s the iconic twin’s challenge. Each team must utilize an appliance in their 90-minute dessert cook, aiming for identical dishes, despite only being able to shout instructions at each other.

Zumbo would be guest judge for the entire Sweet Week. Also, the contestant who cooked the best dish in each of the three challenges would earn immunity from next Sunday’s elimination.

Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne has done an extensive interview with Andy Allen. The paywall article will appear in tomorrow’s paper as a double page feature.


It was a very crowded lounge in last night’s elimination episode, with 10 contestants waiting to have their dishes to be eaten by the judges.

I think it was meant to be a two-round challenge, but due to the hot weather outside (it was filmed in February this year), it became a single round cook-off.

EDIT: there was only one elimination this week (Josh Clarke going home on Sunday’s episode). Monday to Wednesday are all immunity challenges, with the contestant cooking the best dish in each challenge skipping next Sunday’s elimination cook-off.

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The end of tonight’s promo for Sunday’s Sweet Week elimination (macaron taste test then a cook-off) said that Hong Kong Week is coming.

I think Hong Kong week will be shown on the week of June 23, followed by Finals Week.

Synopses of next week’s episodes (updated 14/6/2024)

Sunday 16 June
Two tough rounds will test our cooks. First, Adriano Zumbo’s Macaron Taste Test and then, a coffee-inspired dessert cooks, with the weakest dish seeing its maker eliminated from the competition.

Monday 17 June
Tonight’s mega Mystery Box (picked by guest judge Nagi Maehashi) features the most ingredients ever, the cooks have just 30 minutes to pull off a winning dish, with the bottom three sending their makers into tomorrow’s Pressure Test.

Tuesday 18 June
Hugh Allen returns to the MasterChef kitchen to set a pressure test merging classic French techniques with flavours of the Australian bush.

Wednesday 19 June
The contestants battle it out to reinvent the classic bacon and eggs. The stakes are high today, the top dish will win an epic mystery prize, but the bottom dish will be eliminated.


Nagi Maehashi was on The Sunday Project tonight, ahead of her guest appearance in tomorrow’s mystery box challenge. Nagi said she spent a week deciding on the ingredients for the mystery box.

Swapping a career in finance for food, Nagi Maehashi has cooked her way into the hearts and homes of Australians with her RecipeTin Eats blog, and she tells us how it all started and what's looking forward to most in the @MasterChefAU kitchen. #MasterChefAU

— The Project (@theprojecttv) June 16, 2024

EDIT: article in this week’s issue of TV Week

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Hong Kong Week - next Sunday.

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So 2 more contestants are eliminated this week,I hope not Pezza ,I like him

He’s becoming like Declan or Daniel

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Yep, it’s a rare triple elimination this week, to make up for last week when only one contestant was sent home.

I think Pezza’s time is almost up. I get that people like him as he comes across as the hard-working underdog type but there is no doubt he is one of the weakest left in the competition.


Yes I guess he is