MasterChef Australia

A bombshell episode tomorrow night and biggest twist.

All I will say after tonight’s episode is - tsk tsk tsk.

It is in the synopsis. Only seven contestants would make it to Hong Kong.

This is not only an invention test, but also basically an ad for Primo smallgoods.

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You’re Invited On The Trip Of A Lifetime.

MasterChef Australia’s Hong Kong Week Starts This Sunday On 10 And 10 Play.

Across four flavourful episodes, MasterChef Australia will showcase Hong Kong’s diverse culinary scene from its world-renowned street eats right through to Michelin star dining.

On Sunday, the contestants will kick off with a quintessentially Hong Kong mystery box packed with classic Cantonese flavours and ingredients, cooked against the breathtaking backdrop of Victoria Harbour at Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District.

In the second challenge on Monday, three lucky contestants will have the opportunity for a private masterclass with celebrated Michelin-starred chef, Vicky Cheng, of revered restaurant VEA. The contestants will be vying for immunity as they attempt to replicate one of Vicky’s exquisite dishes at the foot of the 34-metre-tall Big Buddha statue, opposite the Po Lin Monastery, one of Hong Kong’s most sacred Buddhist sanctums.

On Tuesday, the cooks will see how the local legends do it, experiencing the hustle and bustle of authentic dai pai dongs, or open-air street vendors, as they cook in teams for crowds of discerning diners on Stanley Street, Central.

Our top seven will then round out the week back in the MasterChef Australia kitchen with a Hong Kong-inspired lucky dip challenge with the best dish winning its maker immunity from Sunday’s elimination challenge.

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Vicky Cheng is one of the top chefs in Asia right now so it’s a great coup for the show. Here is a profile.

Fans of the show may remember that back in the first season in 2009, there was a Hong Kong Super Challenge airing against SOO, in which four contestants were paired up and departed from The Peak, down to Central District to shop for ingredients, before travelling across the harbour back to their hotel (The Langham Mong Kok) where the pairs each made a three-course meal in a commercial kitchen.

I was hoping that the producers would replicate this challenge to finish off Hong Kong Week. I feel it’s a bit of a downer that the final challenge of the week (which will be shown against State of Origin game 2) was not in Hong Kong but in Melbourne.

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Probably due to Budget wise.

Yes I do remember,back when judge Poh was a contestant the 1st time.
Pezza survived another week ,

Harry won last night’s invention test by making bacon and egg choux buns with chive custard, and his prize was to travel on business class on Cathay Pacific from Melbourne to Hong Kong. His fellow contestants could only fly on economy class.

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Update - promo

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The synopsis for this episode reads

Today’s Hong Kong Immunity Challenge. A Lucky Dip proves fortunate for some, challenging for others. With two randomly picked ingredients, each contestant must perfectly pair them to create a dish.

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Savindri did not go to Hong Kong. Andy told us it was for “personal reasons” and would be back in the competition next week.

Isn’t that very unfair? Essentially skipping a week and probably at least one elimination? I wonder what the reason is that she couldn’t go.


Sofia said an elimination wouldn’t happen in Hong Kong, but back in MC kitchen in Melbourne.

Yeah it sounds like they may have changed it up so that Savindri is in the next elimination when they get back.

First time this season I’ve seen Jean-Christophe not wearing a suit.
Harry was so lucky being able to travel business class on their trip to Hong Kong .

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At the end of tonight’s episode they said that tomorrow is the last cook in Hong Kong and last cook for immunity (both by judges and the promo) before Sundays elimination but TV Guides indicate they are still in Hong Kong Wednesday. The elimination has been mentioned as Sunday so I’m confused. :thinking:

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As mentioned in 10’s press release last week.

Tomorrow’s team challenge would see contestants divided into three teams: Team Wok, Team Steam and Team Deep-Fry, based on the promo. Because Sav was absent, the winner of tonight’s pressure test (who would be immune from Sunday’s elimination) would have to cook again, to ensure each team would have two members.

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Sofia posted on her Instagram yesterday that she and her fellow judges had one full day off during a week on location, plus a couple of late call times. They also visited 20 eateries and she published every place visited on her own blog, Seasoned Traveller.

Also see

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I think Mimi might be the winner

One fan posted a theory on X that Sav may not have been allowed to travel to Hong Kong due to her Sri Lankan citizenship - although this hasn’t been confirmed.

“It’s possible that Sav is an Australian permanent resident who still holds a Sri Lankan passport, in which case her ‘personal reasons’ could be a lack of passport privilege,” the viewer shared. “The visa process for Sri Lankan citizens to visit Hong Kong is complicated and expensive.”

If the theory is true, then people without a valid Australian passport could be discouraged from applying for the next season of MasterChef. Should the show goes overseas again, some contestants may have difficulties applying for a working visa.

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Or don’t go on these overseas jaunts that are nothing more than ad’s for that country’s tourism board - and let those who want to participate in the show, do so.

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