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But that always happens. its like filler, the returning chef doesnt last long and like whats even the point even if they got to the end they cant logistically win.

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From 5 June it’s it’s Home Cooks versus Pro Cooks Week in the MasterChef Australia kitchen and there will only be one elimination this week. Each night will see a team of three contestants take on three pro guest chefs.

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The winner of the first round in tonight’s immunity challenge received a $10,000 gift card from Harvey Norman, to stock up his or her home kitchen.

It was won by Declan. He went on to defeat guest chef Sergio Perera to become the first contestant this season to claim the immunity pin.

Is Cath for real serving up that cake for an attempt to win immunity? There has been some really questionable cooks this year so far.


Melissa, a regular columnist for Stellar magazine, has written her first article since the death of Jock.

Herald Sun should be shamed of themeseves piutting Mel’s Tribute to Jock behind a Paywall

They all they care about its money than the loss of a life

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I despise the News Corp tabloids but they’re a business. If you want to read it, contribute.


I’m sure Dailymail will just copy and paste it as a news story on their website.

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Tonight’s episode covered the two days of cooking. Someone would still be eliminated on day two.

Yeah it’s the same concept as last year.

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An Ambitious Fusion That Didn’t Quite Fuse? Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Amy Tanner Eliminated From MasterChef Australia.

Amy’s unique fusion of Mexican Japanese pork tacos piqued the judges’ interest, but ultimately saw her leave the MasterChef Kitchen.

The final day of Big Week wrapped with a challenge that took place over two days. With only 45 minutes on day one to prepare elements of their dish and make the best use of overnight hours, contestants returned the following day with only 60 minutes to finish their dish.

Amy used the overnight cook to braise her pork belly in the slow cooker but judges were wary with her unique flavour combination.

Meanwhile, Brent used the time to sous vide duck legs for his Bebek Goreng and Theo wanted to make his dad proud with a slow cooked lamb shoulder with slow proofing bread. Robbie used a slow cooker for the first time in his life to make an Asian style poached duck, while Malissa set out to make slow cooked ragu over fresh pappardelle. Rhiannon was confident throughout day one as she prepared the very beef rendang dish that inspired her to become a cook six years ago.

For some, the time overnight went smoothly. Brent’s duck legs looked perfect and Theo’s lamb cooked just as he’d hoped. However, for others, the hours only hindered their dish. Robbie’s broth lost all its flavour, Malissa’s ragu was unbalanced and she still had to make her fresh pasta. Amy’s pork overcooked and her blue tortillas still needed perfecting. Rhiannon, who entered the kitchen on day two with confidence, was devastated to find her beef rendang had dried out and overcooked. The hour flew by as contestants battled to regain control of their dishes.

During the tasting, Theo’s lamb and flatbreads had the judges in raptures and Brent’s duck received high praise, being deemed the best dish he’s cooked in the competition so far, despite Andy sweating through the tasting. After he worked to salvage the flavours of his dish, Robbie’s duck was a success and proved he is a strong, deserving contender.

Unfortunately, the bottom three dishes included Malissa’s ragu which remained unbalanced with her pasta not cooked al dente. Rhiannon’s rendang missed the mark with dry meat and an acidic sauce and Amy’s Mexican Japanese fusion left the judges confused and disappointed with her tacos. While these dishes all had faults, Amy’s thick tortillas, dry meat and sauce that didn’t belong was the least impressive and had her sent home.

While disappointed, the experience has left Amy more hungry than ever to establish a career in food.

MasterChef Australia Continues Monday, 29 May At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

I am the last person to want to defend the Herald Sun but why shouldn’t it be behind a paywall? Melissa was no doubt paid for the piece, so why shouldn’t readers pay for it?

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To be fair, Melissa wrote that it was too soon to talk about Jock, and her column was about dealing with grief and loss in general.

I was waiting to see when Declan would be in a pressure test - as this cap was from an editing error seen during last Tuesday’s episode before he even won the immunity pin.


While the pressure test wasn’t revealed in last night’s show it has been by 10 publicity.

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There hasn’t been many contestants aged over 55 in all seasons,its great to see 65 year old Robbie from NT competing and doing well so far.


A Messy Elimination Challenge.

Alice Han Eliminated From MasterChef Australia.

Tonight’s Pressure Test was too cold to handle and saw Alice leave the MasterChef Australia kitchen after trying to recreate the Messinetta – Gelato Messina’s take on the humble Viennetta.

Day two of Nostalgia Week had three contestants - Declan, Alice and Grace - walk into a Pressure Test set by Donato Toce from Gelato Messina. At first look, it seemed deceivingly simple, but once cut, the Messina upgrade was well and truly revealed. No ordinary ice-cream cake, the layers included a strawberry gel set inside a vanilla gelato square inside a chocolate gelato square, covered in vanilla crème Chantilly waves and multiple tempered chocolate layers for the classic Viennetta crunch.

With a lot of pressure points and only 4 hours and 15 minutes to recreate the Messinetta, there was no room for error.

Alice went into the challenge with a clear head and confidence in the scientific nature of desserts. Starting off strong, a simple error cost her time after she forgot to clean out her ice-cream churner between making her vanilla and chocolate gelato. Alice’s bad luck continued when her vanilla gelato froze solid as she tried to save her chocolate gelato, ultimately preventing a smooth creamy gelato from being created.

Declan’s shiny immunity pin sat proudly on his chest, but his plan was not to use it. He led the competition until the last quarter of the challenge when he misread an element of his recipe and his tempered chocolate ended up bowed, risking the entire structure of the Messinetta. Redoing such a crucial element cost him time in the critical assembly stage. He considered his pin, but ultimately decided not to play it.

Grace’s nerves got the better of her and she stumbled right out of the gate. The brix levels in her sugar for the strawberry gel element were too high and it took her a long time to reduce them. The judges also questioned if she missed a step with her vanilla gelato. The only way to figure out what was missing, was to taste Alice’s dish and compare to her own. After deciding it was missing sugar, Grace free poured to add sweetness, praying the fix would work. Her presentation wasn’t the strongest, but it was complete, despite the question mark hanging over her gelato.

As the judges tasted the desserts, Declan’s version of the Messinetta was declared the winner, for achieving a great balance of flavour despite his presentation being a little rough around the edges. Grace managed to salvage her gelato and even though the presentation had a few construction issues, her flavour was great. Unfortunately, Alice’s melted gelatos were her undoing. The issue caused the texture to be icy and dense which widened the gap between her version and Donato’s original, leading her to say her goodbyes to the remaining contestants.

MasterChef Australia Continues Wednesday, 31 May At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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I’m watching repeat and did anyone else notice how much help Declan got to everyone else?