Married at First Sight

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I wonder if they’ll use “after the tennis” (or something similar) for Nine’s Q1 programs close to or during the Aus Open? :wink:

However in recent years, Seven opted for the use of a ‘date’ instead of this (e.g.) Feb 1


I think for a lot of people, myself included, watching MAFS is a guilty pleasure. They know it’s trashy and contrived but it’s very enjoyable to watch.


Jan 28 2019 is the return date.


Is that the same font they use as previous summers for Q1 promos? I guess we’ll be seeing “after the tennis” soon LOL


Nice to have the on air promos confirm a return date as opposed to “after the tennis”


I read somewhere that Nine will not be adopting that particular promotion campaign.



STARTS Monday 28 January at 7.30pm

Australia’s most talked about social experiment, the provocative and polarising Married at First Sight , returns for its sixth and most explosive series yet on Monday, January 28, at 7.30pm on Nine and 9Now.

Relationship experts John Aiken , Mel Schilling and neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford once again put science to the test when it comes to matters of the heart, calling on their expertise to find the perfect matches for 20 brave singles looking for love.

This season you’ll bear witness to more love than ever before, with the infamous dinner parties more passionate, the commitment ceremonies more intense, and the relationships more tumultuous. If that wasn’t enough, the experts have introduced some surprising new elements that will rock the experiment and challenge not only the couples but the group as a whole.

Each couple will meet for the first time as they walk down the aisle on their wedding day, and from the moment they say “I do” their relationship is under the microscope as they experience the highs and lows of marriage at full speed.

Ten brides and ten grooms from across Australia, each with their own remarkable stories, will face more challenges and romantic hurdles than ever before.

Every couple will live together under the same roof, compare their experiences at explosive dinner parties, and bare all at the most confronting commitment ceremonies yet.

Some will flounder as the pressure mounts, others will flourish as they find the joy of love at first sight.

So it’s 20 strangers and 10 weddings. Who will be the ones to find true love?


I am guilty of watching this crap but I wish Nine would stop pretending their so called experts pick the cast. I am sure by now we all know that the producers of the show are responsible for casting.


And purposely go against what the so-called experts advise, in order to create drama.



Blocked by Nine


Typical Channel 9. Uses these people as ‘stars’ on their reality shows and then playing dirty on them after reaping the results. Terrible network (to be fair the other networks are just as bad).


A very simple suggestion - don’t go on reality shows. Unless you want to raise your social media profile and have your 5 seconds of fame. I always question the motives of most of the reality contestants, especially those in dating shows. At least with other genre such as singing or cooking, there are a handful of contestants who genuinely want to build a successful career.


But they want to be famous. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nine has revealed the cast for season 5.