Married at First Sight

Looking at the promos for the reunion episodes, they should rate through the roof.

Jono is an absolute joke. He played the victim at the vows yet 4 weeks later he’s arriving at the reunion hand in hand with Ellie. That is all despite claiming nothing going on during the experiment. The way they also just flaunted it in public to spoil the outcome for viewers says a lot.

No wonder he and Ellie were banned from any MAFS related media opportunities by Nine. I hope Ellie doesn’t get off too easily from this either.

The whole show is a joke but I just can’t help watching! :grin: (Watched after whatever the better reality show is on 10). The Jono, Ellie “business” just added to the “drama” of the season. I hope they do have something going for them as not too many of the others do. The biggest joke to me is Jack and Tori, both delusional! Jayden and Eden are the only couple who might stay together. Sara and Tim won’t and I believe Ridge’s immaturity will break up his relaionship with Jade.

As an eternal optimist wanting love and romance for everyone this show is a disappointment every year. I stopped watching last season but got into this season again! I know the show is put together for drama and ratings but I just wish they had people who could at least make better matches. But then we wouldn’t have had the drama and maybe Jono and Ellie would have been matched originally, rather than both being grossly mismatched.

There would be nothing wrong if Jono and Ellie got together after the show. The point is Jono has sat there week after week talking nothing but positively about Lauren and writing Stay. They said they had sex when he was in Perth the week earlier. So whether or not they were a match, he said he was interested and dragged her along until the end. Then suddenly when these texts were discovered with Ellie, he’s played the complete victim (despite the second he was free getting with her). Like he could have been honest and left weeks ago for Ellie. That would have been drama in itself if he admitted during the experiment that he was into another bride. The fact that he’s walking into the reunion with her hand in hand is just a huge slap in the face to Lauren.

Obviously it hasn’t bothered Lauren all that much. This is what she said at the Nova MAFS re-union… according to Pedestrian TV.

Although Lauren was angry at Jono McCollough during the final MAFS dinner party after reading his texts with costar Ellie Dix, she has now revealed that she couldn’t be happier for the pair (who are now officially in a relationship).

“He wasn’t cheating on me. He wasn’t deliberately trying to deceive me,” Lauren said in defence of Jono’s texts to Ellie. She believes Ellie was a friend for him during a period where Lauren was pushing him away.

“It was a friendship and it’s obviously developed past that,” she explains, noting she was only heated because she wasn’t told about it.

Wippa then joked that Lauren said she wanted “a real man with big balls”, to which she replied, “He does have big balls so I didn’t say that.”

Obviously that is the reason it has been wrong and he absolutely should be called out for it. He should’ve left weeks ago rather than constantly saying that things were progressing well between them. Lauren did write leave a few weeks ago and he convinced her that he wanted to stay.

Lucinda has done 2 days of club appearances in Darwin this weekend with Monsoons.

Appeared to be a success for the venues…

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Episode 37 - Reunion

It’s been four weeks since the end of the experiment and all the participants are getting ready to reunite with former brides and grooms for the final Dinner Party of the season.

JADE & RIDGE, EDEN & JAYDEN, SARA & TIM and TORI & JACK – who chose to stay together beyond the end of the experiment – are all still together and excited to show off their relationship to the others.

The participants prepare themselves for what could be an explosive night, while former groom COLLINS, who’s time in the experiment was cut short, is excited to finally experience a Dinner Party in its entirety. Meanwhile, LUCINDA reveals that she has been in regular contact with TIMOTHY since leaving the experiment and they both can’t wait to catch up tonight. For LAUREN, she has not been in contact with JONATHAN since they parted ways on hostile terms at their Final Vows. Although she is still upset at him for texting ELLIE while they were together in the experiment, she still believes that there was nothing going on between them and is none the wiser that in fact, JONATHAN and ELLIE are officially in a relationship and will be walking into the Cocktail Party hand in hand.

As the participants gradually arrive at the Cocktail Party, a rumour about SARA and TIM begins to circulate around the group. Apparently, TIM had told others that if given more time, he may have made a different decision about SARA at Final Vows. However, when the couple arrives at the Cocktail Party, everyone is confused to see them getting along perfectly. Meanwhile JONATHAN and ELLIE enter together, blindsiding everybody – especially LAUREN. To make matters worse, ELLIE ignores LAUREN and gives her the cold shoulder.

As the group is seated for dinner, LUCINDA decides to quickly address the elephant in the room and ELLIE and JONATHAN take this opportunity to boast about their relationship, explaining to the group how happy they’ve been for the past three weeks. LAUREN looks on looking hurt. LAUREN begins to question JONATHAN’S authenticity throughout the experiment, but he strongly denies having any feelings for ELLIE prior to their breakup. His denial and harsh words leave LAUREN upset and crying. However, JONATHAN thinks she is just putting on a show and quickly tells everyone not to buy her crocodile tears.

Trying to defend her best friend, SARA steps in to call out JONATHAN on his inconsistencies. But, to deflect from his own behaviour, JONATHAN reveals to her that TIM has said he wanted to leave her at Final Vows. The revelation stuns SARA and she wants answers from TIM, who fumbles his way around explaining himself. SARA is hurt and blindsided, and tells TIM, if he doesn’t want to be in this relationship he should leave it. As cracks re-form in SARA and TIM’s relationship, JONATHAN seems pleased with himself.

Jono and Ellie can only be described as vile scum.


I actually was feeling sick watching them tonight. Foul.

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While they were over the top, I think Lauren got what she deserved. She treated Jono like crap the first few weeks of the “experiment”. Quite Frankly I’d be singing the hills are alive with the sound of music the second I was away from her :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nobody deserves what happened to Lauren tonight.


Definitely not if was real but it’s not. Why do the so called experts watch on with shock and horror when couples they haven’t matched get together. Shouldn’t they have matched them originally? The behaviour of Jono and Ellie was way OTT but I’m betting it was all for manufactured drama and Lauren knew all about it.

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Just a wee bit OTT like Jono and Ellie, it’s not real, it’s a reality show. They were not legally married so the cheating claims are just a bit weird.

Respectfully disagree. “Married” or not, the behaviour from Jono and Ellie last night, from the moment they appeared on screen, including the car scenes, was appalling. Disgusting behaviour for so called innocent adults. I hope they get destroyed tonight.

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Me too. And I think a lot of the issue for a lot of viewers is the fact he slept with her at the Perth home stay. If he hated her so much… why? What a pig.

Who would have thought Ellie would be the most hated at the end of the series?

David, you’re too invested in this. Its all contrived and edited. Basically you’re only getting half the story the producers want you to see.

Lauren isn’t perfect herself. She treated him like a piece of shit from the get go. It wasn’t until home stays that she realised that Jono might be the guy but that wasn’t until the date with her friend.

Not saying what Jono & Ellie did was right. There were other ways to go around it and not hide it. Tell the truth simple as that.

Obviously Tim didn’t care that Jono bought up the final vows as there has been recent article’s of those three hanging out along with other cast members post reunion.

Anyway, it’s all played up for the cameras.

Isn’t that the point? It’s a television show. I’m commenting on what we are seeing. I can’t comment on what we don’t see?

Also, I don’t accept the editing blame game. You can’t edit what people say, how they’ve said it and the expressions on their faces.

Jono and Ellie went in last night thinking they were going to be top shit power couple who “slayed the nasty dragon”.