Married at First Sight

Have no doubt that the debut will change to January 29th if/once Ten confirms I’m a Celebrity will be launching on that night

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I think it’s a pre-emptive strike against reality shows on Seven and Ten. Season 8 of My Kitchen Rules will definitely start on January 30 due to Seven’s coverage of Australian Open men’s singles final the night before.

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How can it be pre-emptive it it starts on the same night as MKR and the night after I’m a Celebrity? To pre-empt them it would have to start earlier.

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I doubt it. The always begin shows on the Monday not Sunday. Plus I think a cricket match is scheduled for the Sunday.

The cricket match is in New Zealand so Fox would have the rights to that. In addition, there’s precedent for such a move since Nine did that with the last season to counter the debut of Australian Survivor

I forgot it was in New Zealand. I think comparing the last season which was in the middle of the year to the beginning of the year is a little hard to compare. I wouldn’t see why Nine would change their long term strategy of beginning most shows the day after the Australian Open - especially considering they have already announced it. But crazier things have happened.


Married at First Sight, Australia’s most controversial and groundbreaking social experiment, is about to get a whole lot bigger when it returns for the fourth and most explosive series yet on Monday, January 30, on Channel Nine.

And in a 9Now exclusive, eager fans are invited to stream the first episode for a limited time this Thursday, January 26.


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How does everyone think Married At First sight will go, against MKR & I’m A Celebrity?

I think it’ll do well with females, 18-39s and take viewers away from rival shows.

However I can’t see it pulling higher than 800-900k or so. Whether that’s what Ch 9 are looking for or not?

(MKR should average 1.4m+ & still dominate 25-54s. I’m A Celebrity should still be solid, may pick-up viewers).

I thought it would do ok but I just feel nine look flat. I think MKR will lose viewers, Married will still beat Celebrity in both totals and demos but I think Celebrity will continue to do ok (maybe down on last year unless they have some really interesting and news creating celebs).

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Interesting that Ch 9 have produced Married At First Sight to an “M” classification (with coarse language and sexual references tonight).

Hence not for children & potentially losing viewers already with that factor?

MKR & I’m A Celebrity are both relatively family-friendly “PG”.

Good. Not everything on TV has to be family friendly. Thats one of the things among many others which killed Big Brother on channel nine. Also I dont see how MKR is family friendly.

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And Classifications are only a guide they don’t dictate anything. At the end of the day it’s up to viewer or parental discretion and there’s many M rated shows that would have plenty of under age viewers. That sort of thing was happening since I was a kid.


From Wednesday 1 February 1at 9.00pm



To coincide with the launch of the new series of Married at First Sight, Nine will premiere Sweet Spot, a new weekly podcast examining all aspects of relationships from dating to sex, love and marriage – daring to go where no show has gone before

Sweet Spot will launch immediately after Married at First Sight on Wednesday, February 1, at 9.00pm and continue weekly.

Hosted by Brisbane journalist and relationship commentator Katherine Feeney, the Sweet Spot will recap the highs and lows the Married at First Sight couples encounter and provide the inside word on their relationships.

A Current Affair reporter Erin Willing will join Katherine on Sweet Spot as they chat about all things love, sex and marriage and dissect each episode of Married at First Sight.

Each week one of the expert matchmakers from Married at First Sight – relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford and dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling – will join the love fest to discuss matters that arise between the couples on Married at First Sight and provide practical tips on how to deal with the challenges and issues that surface in relationships.

They will arm listeners with plenty of serious and good-humoured advice on how on how to deal with an array of issues that can cause friction and angst between couples. Things like trust, commitment, infidelity, communication, the importance of chemistry, or how much sex is enough (and why men think you can never have too much). Even the tricky questions of when and how to introduce your partner to your parents or your kids, or can a marriage survive an epic culture clash? And does a cheater really change their spots?

Listen and subscribe at and via 9Honey and iTunes

The Sunday Telegraph says Nine has renewed the show for a fifth season, encouraged by the ratings the fourth season has got in the first four weeks. It will start filming later this year and go to air next year.

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Nine has renewed the show for a fifth season[/quote]How unfortunate. Amazes me how anyone watches these shows. Such mind-numbing nonsense. :smirk:




Australia has fallen in love with the explosive new series of Married at First Sight – the extreme social experiment where 20 brave singles meet for the very first time on their wedding day, then move in with each other to embark on life together as husband and wife.

Buoyed by the popularity of the new supersized series, Nine today announced that production will start on a fifth series of Married at First Sight later this year and go to air on the Nine Network in 2018.

Viewers have been captivated by the expanded series which features 10 couples tying the knot, heated weekly dinner parties and emotionally charged commitment ceremonies.

Series four of Married at First Sight has been a ratings hit. Married at First Sight has boosted Nine’s audience in the 7.30pm – 9.00pm timeslot by 20% year-on-year with Total People, by 40% with People 25-54 and by a staggering 71% with People 16-39 (when compared to the corresponding days last year).

Nine’s Head of Content, Production and Development, Adrian Swift, said: “We are so proud of Married at First Sight and its performance. It is a terrific show that is emotionally charged, full of love, and provides couples with a real shot at finding love. It’s no wonder everyone is talking about it. We can’t wait to see what the next series will bring.”
Season five will again be produced by Endemol Shine Australia for the Nine Network.

Endemol Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, said: “We are thrilled to be recommissioned for another season of Australia’s most controversial and groundbreaking series. Season four has proven to be a ratings hit for Nine and we’re looking forward to taking it further in season five on this much talked about show.”

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[quote]Australia has fallen in love with the explosive new series of Married at First Sight
It’s interesting that the show has done so well this year going down the MKR route in that it’s been less about the ‘social experiment’ and more about the drama and bickering caused by all the ‘couples’ living in the same house

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Ahh, so that’s where MKR’s audience has gone (from one turd to an even bigger one that is). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Does this show have a “winners’ announcement” or some other way of manipulating the ratings to get a peak audience on the season final? Something like The Block manages to have as a Winner’s Announcement entry in the ratings but not actually as part of the program.

Here we go, the usual outspoken contestant trying to stay in the limelight…

Pretty obvious the whole show is scripted. Those ‘experts’ at the dinner parties are not actually watching it live on the TV in another room. They are actually looking at a green screen TV while being fed lines.

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