Married at First Sight

Didn’t Nine almost kill Married At First Sight this year? I’m surprised that they’ve brought it back for another season this year, to be quite honest.

You think they would’ve learnt with The Block :roll_eyes:

I thought they were planning to strip the show at 7:30.

Didn’t that only happen for the previous season because Reno Rumble tanked and they did a switcheroo to prop the schedule up?

The second season average was still close to 1million viewers. It’s a very cheap and easy show to do and probably Nine’s effort at flooding us with dating shows to try and do a bit of damage to The Bachelor as well.

Im sure one of the nine executives said they would strip it against My Kitchen Rules.

Watch the weddings now in a 9Now



Nine announced last night that next season would see 10 couples “married”. According to TV Tonight, the season will now be produced by Endemol Shine (previous seasons are Nine internal productions) and shown on multiple nights, up against My Kitchen Rules.

Won’t that be too many couples to follow? I just couldn’t keep track of 10 couples. They had been advertising last week that next year Nine will be taking Married at First Sight to a whole new level. I was hoping for something a bit more exciting than just upping the number of couples. Also they are risking overkill with this show… I think that will be 3 seasons in less than a calendar year?

I don’t watch the show but I also think 10 couples is overkill. Nine is trying to stretch next season (maybe to April). If not done properly viewers will get sick of the show.

Quite surprised that Nine think a show that last night got 800,000 against no other reality show is their pick to strip against MKR.

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Surely the season won’t start with 10 weddings and have us follow them all at once. I can’t see any way that would be possible to follow. I’m guessing more likely it will either be a staggered season (new couples introduced with weddings at different times throughout) or a more like 2 seasons back to back.

The show rates well given it often runs until 10pm and very strong in key demos. I think it’s their best shot to have something that can be competitive with MKR and could take some of the MKR audience. I’m just concerned it’s overkill having an even longer season on again so soon when there’s been so many this year already.

Apparently the next season will be an extended season. I expect Nine to air this in a 7:30 timeslot next year to compete with My Kitchen Rules.

Married At First Sight’s Clare Verrall slams show as ‘an absolute s**t show’

As already posted above :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course she would because she had a bad experience. She seems very bitter and I take a lot of what she says with a grain of salt. Does she think we are that stupid that we don’t realise the show is “highly edited”. Ummm of course it is, as every reality show.


Another participant dumping on the show. Would he still be under contract?

‘Nothing in the show is real’

“It is anything but REALITY,” Mr Roach wrote on his private Facebook page.

“Nothing you see is what was the actual events. I was filmed for five days with barely any sleep.

“We were required by the producers to shot some footage of us getting to know each other as they didn’t have any.

“So I agreed to 2 scenes of us spending time together that was all scripted.

“What you saw on TV was nothing what really happen TRUST ME!”

Once again a bitter contestant who had a bad experience hitting back at the show. Obviously doesn’t like how he was portrayed and blames editing. Maybe before having a sook he should learn some proper English and grammar because half of what he says does not even make sense.

First Nine builds up this reality “star” up through The Farmer Wants a Wife and Married at First Sight and then they tear him down via A Current Affair.

The Circle of Life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Press Releases already going out for the new series, starting 30 January:





Married at First Sight, Australia’s most controversial and groundbreaking social experiment, is about to get a whole lot bigger when it returns for the fourth and most explosive series yet on Monday, January 30, on Channel Nine.

In this supersized series our three expert matchmakers – relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford and dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling – will have the mammoth task of pairing 20 brave singles, twice as many as before, using a mix of neuroscience and psychology to try to create 10 perfect matches.

You’re invited to 10 breathtaking weddings as the new extended and enhanced series of Married at First Sight promises more drama than ever.

The experts put relationships to the ultimate pressure test to determine if science can really predict true love for 10 couples who will be getting married at first sight in the riveting new series produced by Endemol Shine Australia for the Nine Network.

Australia will fall in love with Married at First Sight all over again


PREMIERES MONDAY, January 30, on Nine

Jeez they’re confident, playing their hand like that so early releasing the premiere date. What’s the bet there’s a likelihood of it changing before that depending on what the other networks decide to schedule around that.