Married at First Sight

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That’s television. Unreal captured this so well.

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According to Newscorp :roll_eyes:

Major Married At First Sight spoilers have leaked thanks to episode descriptions on Foxtel’s TV guide.

The same episode descriptions were posted in the Nine Schedule area 5 days ago as supplied by Nine.




But he’s doing his best acting on MAFS.



I can’t believe that this show is allowed to go on air, there is surely some regulations that ACMA can enforce against this rubbish being in a ‘PG’ timeslot.

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Do people think that going back to the start with the new couples will work for the show or against it. The weddings are the least watched part of the show, and now that the drama has left the building, what will the ratings do. I doubt the ratings will drop dramatically but I feel that they won’t build at all from here unless something super dramatic happens with the new couples.

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I’m conflicted about the show. People say its scripted but I feel like they must be really bloody good script writers cause they could go down the obvious path but it feels pretty organic the reactions and what they say. I mean Sam & Ines lied about not having sex and the producers know they did but the reveal wasn’t forced which would have been satisfying to see as a viewer.

But now we have the intruders and the obvious new story line of Jess possibly cheating with the new boy Daniel, who is the brother of Survivor’s Sam. Geez those Webb boys get some breaks.

Also Elizabeth’s posture is atrocious

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So random lol

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I don’t think it’s fully scripted but there is no doubt in certain situations contestants are encouraged to act or behave in a certain way. E.g. If a relationship isn’t working a couple could quit, instead the producers would have loved the opportunity to drum up a whole cheating scandal.

This is the best comment I’ve read in this thread.



Or purposely put two people, who are likely matched, in separate “marriages” so that they will cheat.



This show is a disgrace, they are ‘using’ people or actors just to boost TV Ratings and that is not on



Hardly exclusive to MAFS though, MKR does the same.



agreed, but MAFS is the worst at it, all 9 seem to care about is the ratings and the figures and demographics. They can’t face the truth



Nine CEO Hugh Marks was asked on YourMoney channel last week regarding his concern about this season and this is what he said:

I occasionally get involved in content discussions. I like to watch the shows go to air as a viewer. We need to look at the long term value of that show. Fundamentally it is about love and I thought the balance between some of the drama and the truth of the show being about love – we need to maintain the balance over the long term for that franchise. That drama has created audiences, no doubt about it looking at the growth. I just wanted a bit more balance.



What else should they be caring about? The ratings are what determines advertising spend, and therefore revenue. There’s no baseline of morality in free market broadcasting.



The same could be said of any TV show, nobody is being forced to participate…



Channel Nine Boss: Tone the show down.

Nek minnut:

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I watched this for the first time last night and I can see how easily people get sucked in. Even the mere mention that I watched it to a friend and now I’m getting tagged in posts and it seems to be flooding my newsfeed. I must say the scene with Cyrrell throwing the fruit bowl was hilarious.

Question though - do all the contestants live in the same building? I havn’t watched it since the old days where they would live in one of the couples homes. Now it seems they are all in the same building which of course would encourage the contestants to mix with one another. Or are some in different states?



I don’t watch this show but based on your description, it sounds more like Big Brother Couple/Swingers version? Hats off to whoever at Nine that tweaked the show and transformed it into the No. 1 show in the country.



all Couples live in the same building.

How good was Cyclone Cyrell last night, she’s my girl! Low act for Martha calling Cyrell a dog, she with the Hannibal Lecter face mask!