Married at First Sight

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Next level. Are you defending the content on MAFS?



Watch the ratings go down then. It’s not family friendly content ffs.

I missed this when it started, finally caught up. People going on about Ines and Sam but to me (bald) Mike and Cyrell are worse people!



So much Tea in tonight’s episode!! Cyrell is just crazy… poor Nic. Can’t wait to see Bronsen & Innes as well as Sam & Liz.



I hate when Cyrell gets described as a fiery personality. No she’s just a bitch.

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Same can be said about Innes… such a home wrecker!



It’s not a real home but.



From tonight’s Media Watch, of all places:



The TCN newsroom watching the daytime repeat…

Not sure about everyone else but to me, it looks like Mark Burrows is thinking “Why do I have to watch this ****?” in that pic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dalts’ reaction is priceless.



This was discussed on Fitzy and Wippa yesterday. They talked about photos on Instagram which reveal Dino and Jessica in a an ad together in 2017 and Dino and Bronson with their shirts off hanging out at a pool from 2009. It was suggested they must all have the same casting agency.

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Just following on from the above, it seems Bronson and Dino were strippers together.

Dino and Jessika were in an ad for glasses.



I dont know. If this was scripted its actually way too good as I feel scripting something would be very cliche lines and constructed sentences. the talking heads for sure but I think they just set a camera on them most time and tell them to improv.



Some more terrible editing tonight. Innes knocks on Sam’s door “1904,” he opens the door “1902.” :thinking:

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Why do people keep thinking these people are actors? If they’re actors, then they all deserve Oscars because it’s not easy to be a different person for 24 hours a day and keep that up for the entire duration of the series and also be masters at improvising their lines. The production costs of the show would also increase dramatically if they were actors.

The people casted would have to be comfortable in front of cameras and production crew in your face and following you pretty much every day all day. It just so happens pople who’ve made some kind of TV or media appearance before are suitable candidates to be casted, but that doesn’t mean they’re actors.



Whoever they are, I doubt they’re actually looking for ‘love’.



I don’t watch the show but I think I might just have a look so I can play ‘spot the shonky editing’. I mean going to bed wearing black lingerie and waking up in white, seeing the reflection of a ‘wife’ reading what appears to be a script. Hilarious stuff! Not to mention the beer/wine glasses that seem to be refilling themselves…



I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they don’t (for at least some of the cast) go onto websites like this and pay talent to come in and be the ‘out there’ characters like Ines and Sam etc. It’s not genuine but is kind of what makes the show. If every couple was like Jules and Cam it wouldn’t be the most interesting show.



Sam was on Home and Away. So he is an actor. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s come on the show as an actor but given he’s had a scandalous storyline it’s a bit too coincidental. Also I noticed people commenting on the bedroom door Ines was knocking on being a different room number to the subsequent door that open, so the scenes were acted or re-enacted or edited to look a certain way.

Plus if a relationship isn’t working out, it would make sense that the producers encourage contestants to do certain things or behave in certain ways. This whole “cheating scandal” has played out in the most dramatic fashion when in reality I doubt that approach would have been taken. People aren’t going to “cheat” when cameras are already set up in the room for it. Cheating is usually doing something discretely behind someone’s back. The two could have still got together in a much more normal way by ending their other relationships.

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Matt was interviewed on Fitzy and Wippa this morning. Some of the things he said were:

Hours of conversations are filmed and then condensed in an episode to look like one conversation.

If something happens on screen but the camera didn’t capture it, the producers make them say what they said again, to camera.

If something happens off screen and the producers hear about it, they force them to recreate it for the cameras.

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Maybe it would seem a bit more real if some things were missed. I think it would seem more genuine if the contestants did commentary rehashing on things that happened that were missed on camera, rather than them acting them out and scripting them which is probably making them more dramatic than they were.

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I know I’ve asked this once before but I can’t remember the answer… when does the MAFS season finish?