Married at First Sight

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After the honeymoons the contestants move into the same building. In coming weeks, if the same format is followed, couples will spend a week living in each other’s homes.



It’s a Meriton serviced apartment complex somewhere in Sydney, probably Kent St in the CBD. Makes it cheaper to make the show (less travel for Sydney crews, reduced travel bills) and adds to drama.



especially when the producers start rumors :wink:

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Is it them or the PR teams?



It’s the new one at North Sydney.

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But it’s the same bedrooms as last season/s?

The show has just jumped the shark. Are we led to believe Jessika sat there and watched all the Ines/Sam crap to then do exactly the same thing? Especially saying she’s all of a sudden attracted to Nic?



Yes. How awful of women to be sexually attracted to multiple men while being in a relationship. Newsflash - it’s 2019 and just because you don’t see or hear about it in your real life doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. MAFS is in some ways, bringing it to the surface and shining a light on it.



So the brainwashing is complete. You’ll believe anything if you see it on television. :roll_eyes:

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Haha no way. I’m just stanning the casting. Let me be clear — I know parts of this and every television show are manufactured and not natural. But I don’t need a tv show to tell me it’s possible for women to want multiple men while being in a relationship, even married. Such is life. We would see if we opened our eyes more.



We really don’t need a contrived TV show to open our eyes on relationships. Nothing about this is real.

The only thing this show opens your eyes to is how disgusting some human beings are and how far they are willing to prostitute themselves to obtain more Instagram followers and fame notoriety.



I disagree with you saying nothing about it is real. Agree with some of the later parts of the post. You’re being divisive as usual.



No. I’m a realist. I have a firm grip on reality and can see things for what they are, not what we are told they are by producers on a reality show.

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Dude, most people know it’s not 100% real and still watch it. It’s escapist melodrama and Nine don’t splatter the word ‘real’ over everything associated with the show do they?

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I think the circumstance is real but her actions are encouraged and/or over exaggerated by editing.

This is my take on what happened last night (and yes sadly I’ve watched it for a second night in a row :roll_eyes:). Jessika is close to leaving/quitting as she clearly can’t tolerate being with her “husband” much longer as he is a slob (as she described him, and I think so too). So given she’s almost about to leave the producers have encouraged her to try and pursue another guy which would have led to her telling Nic last night that she was attracted to him. What happened after that when he shut her down was her supposedly pursing that other new guy but I do think in that the editing made it seem worse than it was. Watching the dinner party last night clearly she and a number of others were extremely drunk and slurring their words so that probably made the situation look worse than it was.

Also what is with that guy recording his “wife’s” phone conversation with her sister whilst he was pretending to sleep. What a creep.

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Last season yes, but not before that. It only opened in 2017 from memory. I should have said “newest,” not “new.”



Go back and watch the earlier episodes. She looked down on him from the moment she met him. Ridiculed, mocked and treated him like dirt. He just wanted to show her what a cu*t she was. Her hysterical overreaction to it wasn’t just about the recording - it’s clear she never liked him and is sick of being with him. What he did just gave her an excuse to say ‘leave’ on Sunday.

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Mick has been exactly the same since day one, a slob. and Jessika has had no issue with it. She even said she found it endearing. As for leaving, she has never been anywhere near close to leaving. She was upset he had told the boys they had banged but other than that, they’ve had very few hiccups. But suddenly last night she couldn’t stand Mick and was on the prowl. A complete 180 which came about from obviously being tapped on the shoulder by the producers to say it was her turn to provide some drama.

As for Mel, she was just peeved she got caught out. She’s belittled and made fun of Dino since she first laid eyes on him. Good on him for finally calling her out.



OK so I obviously haven’t seen most of this show but there were comments from Martha last night that Jessika is stuck with a husband that she’s not attracted too. I reckon she has stayed along with him just to stay on the show but could only do it for so long. Now there was opportunity to make a move and probably prodded by producers she went for it.

Well that makes more sense then. Still though if she behaves that way I’m sure plenty of it has been caught on camera, I’m surprised he felt the need to record it.



I for one was grateful to see the extent of it. I mean ringing your sister and doing it on the phone while your partner is in bed is pretty low. At least go outside and have enough respect to try to conceal it more.



Martha’s the town gossip whose comments have started the majority of the conflicts that have played out. Jessika and Mick were a massive mismatch from day one, however, surprisingly she has repeatedly said she likes him. It’s either Martha’s opinion Jess doesn’t like him or she’s had conversations with Jess that we haven’t seen.