Love Island Australia

Oh? That’s much earlier than I thought. I was thinking like 11:30pm.

Great news.

Ahead of first episode Love Island: I’ve Got A Text

Mondays premiere episode on 9Go has moved to 9pm and also is now longer at 1hr 50mins.

Week 2 - all 1 hour epsiodes.

Monday 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 pm
Thursday 8:30 pm

Seems that Nine doesn’t want Love Island to compete with their new reality show My Mum, Your Dad
on the main channel on Monday and Tuesday.

Sophie Monk was just on Today promoting the show and they didn’t mention 9Go! at all. Karl just said to catch the show on 9NOW from 6pm tonight.

Most of the promo’s and posts that I’ve seen on social media only mention 9Now too. I’m seeing a lot of people on social media asking whether it’s airing on TV. It’s strange that they are leaving that detail out.

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Love Island Australia is back in stunning Spain, and our Islanders are all ready to find love.

Sophie Monk is also back as the host. The brand new villa in Mallorca looks incredible as our excited cast get ready to start their Love Island Australia journey.

This year we have six girls who arrive on the jeep to the villa. Claudia, 23, from Adelaide, Stella, 24, from Brisbane, Jessica, 25 from Western Sydney, Layla, 20, from Melbourne, Holly, 25 from Brisbane, originally from the UK, and Phoebe, 22, from Sydney. The girls get to know each other before Sophie arrives to say hello and have a drink. Sophie lets the girls know that this time things are going to be a bit different, our girls will get to ask the boys some questions before coupling up.

It’s the boys turn and one by one they arrive as the girls throw questions at them. Mitchell, 25, a Kiwi from Sydney, Andre, 24 from Perth, Conor, 26 from Sydney, Jordan, 25 from the Gold Coast, and Austen, 22 from Western Sydney all arrive and get to know the girls.

Another twist this year, as there is one extra girl, there will be one girl left who is single.

The boys now have the power and one by one, Sophie asks the girls to stand forward for the guys they like and we have our first couples.

Mitchell: Stella and Phoebe step forward, and he chooses Phoebe.

Andre: Jessica steps forward, but he choses Claudia.

Conor: Holly and Jess step forward, but he picks Layla.

Jordan: No one steps forward, he then steals Claudia.

Austen: Holly, Layla and Stella step forward. He steals Layla.

Andre, who is single, then picks Stella.

Conor, who is single, then picks Jessica.

That leaves Holly the single girl and vulnerable, she will have to get grafting.

Our Islanders get to know each other and already there are sparks flying. Conor goes in for the kiss minutes after having his first chat with Jessica. While she likes it, she and some of the other girls see red flags straight away. Meanwhile Jordan is fast winning fans among the girls and is the early favourite, despite no one standing for him at the beginning.

We have our first night party and a game of truth and dare. Austen and Layla share a passionate first kiss. Jessica’s red flag feeling with Conor comes true after he kisses Claudia. She tells him she doesn’t want to be led on.

The following day Holly gets a text that she gets to speed date all the boys. The girls, in particular Jessica, Claudia and Phoebe are a bit jealous as they watch on from the balcony.

Night falls and Jessica gets a text to head to the fire pit. Holly can now choose to couple up with any of the boys. She stands and chooses her steal, picking Jordan, claiming she is in the villa for herself and goes with her heart.

Claudia stands and gets a text - she must pack her bags and leave the villa - everyone is shocked.

Nine announces brand partners for Love Island Australia

Nine has named its brand partners for cross-platform juggernaut Love Island Australia for the 2022 season.

The fourth season, which is being filmed on the Spanish island of Mallorca, will see Le Tan, Oporto, Cashrewards and Spotify join the show as Australia’s hottest singles find love.

Premiering exclusively on 9Now, with episodes then dropping nightly from Monday to Thursday and also available later each evening on 9Go!, the Love Island Australia sponsors will be part of one of the world’s most irresistible formats with a demographic audience of almost exclusively 16-39 year olds.

“Love Island Australia will once again deliver something unique in the Australian broadcast landscape for our commercial partners,” said Sarah Stewart, Director of Content Partnerships and Client Experience.

“With this season’s episodes streaming on 9Now before linear, Love Island Australia is without a doubt, the most effective way for brands to reach the hard-to-find demographic of 16-39. And with this season featuring a knockout cast and a stunning Mallorcan villa, we know the show will keep audiences engaged, and we couldn’t be happier with the incredible brands that have jumped on board.”

In 2022, Cashrewards will have a branded challenge within the series and have ownership of the first night of the Hideaway. Le Tan will be seen throughout the series in-show as the official supplier of sunscreen and tanning products, and Oporto is also taking out a major partnership, running a series of bespoke Love Island Australia ads featuring founder Antonio Cerquiera. Meanwhile Spotify will provide the official Love Island Australia playlist on its platform.

From the wedding aisle to the island of love

Al Perkins joins Love Island Australia

Australia’s most loveable larrikin and MAFS favourite Al Perkins is back and ready to shake up the villa when he joins the cast of Love Island Australia.

Making his way over to Mallorca, Spain, Al will enter the show as a tempting hot new bomb.

We first met Al earlier this year on Married At First Sight where he quickly became one of the 2022 season fan favourites.

From his infamous shoeys, adorable smile and infectious laugh, Al will undoubtedly turn all the girls’ heads in the villa and once again capture the hearts of viewers.

Al said: “Going on MAFS was one of the best experiences of my life, and everyone knows I was pretty unlucky in finding love. So when this opportunity came up I thought why not have not have another crack and hopefully find love the second time around.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go over to Spain – the sun, meeting beautiful people and just having a great time – I can’t wait.

Love Island Australia is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the 9Network.

Nine announces a flame grilled partnership with Oporto on Love Island Australia

An innovative partnership between Nine and Oporto, the home of flame grilled Portuguese chicken, launching with the power of Love Island Australia, has created the perfect recipe for a campaign that is proving to be the perfect love match.

While love starts to sizzle between Australia’s sexiest singles in Love Island Australia – screening on 9Now and 9Go! – the partnership sees a collaboration between Oporto, Brand+Story, and Nine’s in-house creative Powered, with a campaign shot on location in Southern Europe this summer.

An innovative partnership between Nine and Oporto, the home of flame grilled Portuguese chicken, launching with the power of Love Island Australia, has created the perfect recipe for a campaign that is proving to be the perfect love match.

While love starts to sizzle between Australia’s sexiest singles in Love Island Australia – screening on 9Now and 9Go! – the partnership sees a collaboration between Oporto, Brand+Story, and Nine’s in-house creative Powered, with a campaign shot on location in Southern Europe this summer.

Australia met Antonio Cerqueira on Monday night’s first episode of Love Island. In the launch 30’ commercial he’s back home in Portugal looking for recipe ideas but has also decided to make his own ads. The campaign will feature a sequential story of 30 and 15 second spots that will unfold throughout the series as we follow Antonio on his journey.

Samantha Bragg, CEO of Oporto said: “It’s been a really refreshing way to work, coming together as a cross discipline creative team, with great stewardship from Nine throughout the journey.”

Brand + Story partners Paul Chappell and Josh Whiteman agreed that Oporto’s rebellious streak was a brilliant platform and Oporto’s founder Antonio, the perfect rebel to lead the campaign. Josh who co-wrote and directed the campaign, relished the opportunity to go deliberately lo-fi with the production. “Antonio is all about making great chicken. We hope the audience Nine captures with Love Island connects to the off-beat authenticity of the work. Antonio’s for real!” said Josh.

Michele O’Neill, Director Powered Enterprise said: “Oporto jumped on board with this idea from the beginning. When Sam Bragg told us Antonio was genuinely working with Oporto on recipe ideas, we couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to tell an authentic founder story. It’s a testament to Oporto and their trust in Nine and Brand+Story, to create something this fresh in the category.”

Social and PR from Poem will amplify the story, as Australia is reintroduced to Oporto, the brand that began in 1987 with one chicken shop in Bondi.

lol they spray painted abs on him


Isn’t it a bit early to start using people from other reality shows on the same network as well as bringing back former contestants (Tina and Mitch from the previous season are coming back). Smells like desperation to me, as if this show wasn’t already desperate enough as it is.

More like contestants on all these reality shows are only doing it so they can launch their porn careers on Only Fans.


Next week’s Monday and Tuesday eps are now starting at 8:30pm as Dating No Filter UK has been bumped from the 8.30pm timeslot

Yeah I’m not so keen on having Al or a known name from outside the show coming on there.

As for returning contestants… I normally wouldn’t mind if it was just 1 or 2 returning at a later point in the season but having last year’s winners back (who have now broken up) definitely seems gimmicky.

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Just makes me think they didn’t get many people applying for this season or the people they tried to recruit turned them down.

Triple threat of bombshells set to shake up the villa

> Buckle up Australia, it’s set to be an EX-plosive week in the Love Island Australia villa when not one, not two, but THREE huge bombs will make their entrances, in what will also be a first for the Love Island Australia series.

Relationships will be put to the test, heads will turn, temptations will ensue and tempers will rise fueling an unmissable amount of drama. Which couples will survive the shake up, and which will stray?

Making his entrance first is Jason, the American heart-throb from Adelaide – otherwise known as Claudia’s ex. His arrival will be sure to send her fiery self into a tailspin and set off some fireworks.

These next two bombs are no strangers to each other or the rest of Australia, when Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis make their surprise return to the villa.

Their shock arrivals will send the villa into overdrive, not only with the Islanders but with each other. The 2021 Love Island Australia winning couple, now exes following their split earlier this year, will be gobsmacked when they realise they are both entering as singles.

The Islanders, hoping to find romance, must couple up and stay together to secure their place in the villa or risk being dumped, while surviving the temptations of beautiful bombshells entering the villa.

Not sure it’s worth an item on the 6 o’clock news.

Monday - A dramatic night in the villa.:

One Islander’s ex is coming into the villa which will shake things up like we haven’t seen this year on Love Island Australia .

Tak has coupled up with Stella and he feels the energy is shifting a bit. Callum chose Maddy, but they aren’t really vibing.

Austen and Claudia share a moment, Austen admits he is falling hard for Claudia. He has never been in love before, but thinks he is close.

Jess gets a text, she is going on a date with a new handsome bomb. At the date she gets to know Jason, a very smart American from Adelaide. Jason is also Claudia’s ex, but he doesn’t reveal that to her.

When Jess returns, she tells all the Islanders about Jason - what he does, his age, and where he lives - Claudia clicks, it’s her ex and he is about to enter the villa. There are gasps and shocks as Claudia comes to the realisation she is going to see her ex very soon.

Jason comes in and chats with the girls and Claudia can’t believe it. She broke up very soon before she entered the Love Island Australia villa. Jason came all the way from Australia to see if there still was a connection. They go for a chat and he lays it on. He gives Claudia a kiss on the forehead from her Mum, which she loves. Their paths were connected.

Austen chats to the boys, he is putting a wall up but taking the news very well.

At night, the villa descends into chaos after Callum goes on a fishing expedition. He grills Claudia on the circumstances of the breakup, and then Jason. The stories don’t add up about when it ended and the last times they saw each other and it causes major issues.

Claudia is furious, and kicks off like we haven’t seen before. She accuses Callum of trying to stir up trouble and isn’t having a bar of it.

Callum says he just wants to protect his mate Austen, but Claudia is not happy.

Well Claudia’s ex coming in provided the drama that this season needed. Although I would prefer to have seen a couple of others ex’s come in rather than have Mitch and Tina enter. I assume they will be the last 2 to enter as we are already in week 5.

I think the problem with this season is that there doesn’t seem to have been as many contestants cycling in and out (compared to previous seasons). Everyone is just playing it safe sticking with the same people and then a lot of the newer ones end up going home again.


And the producers have cut the best part of the show (Casa Amor) and replaced it with this ‘Ex week’. I assume thats due to the availability of the main villa at the time of filming (the villa the cast is in now was used as Casa Amor in the UK version this year).

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