Long distance television


Good finds!

How did you receive this? e.g… On a VHF/UHF antenna pointed at the local site at Loxton or an old VHF antenna pointed at Adelaide?

Did you get Nine Adelaide too, or just 7, SBS, Ten and ABC?


I think Nine Adelaide was too weak to pick up. I just have a normal UHF antenna pointing towards the transmitter at Loxton


That UHF antenna isn’t even the right antenna type or polarisation to catch those signals - good get


Yes, that’s amazing really…

Wrong antenna type, wrong polarity, wrong direction and you still get Adelaide (and Mildura).


Think it was just a freak event or could’ve been atmospheric/weather conditions. Almost had the stations again the other day, signal strength was jumping between 2 to 5-7 but the signal quality was zero


Different TV in the house this morning, severe pixelation and unwatchable. Loungeroom TV (Panasonic) wouldn’t pick this up (signal quality: 1, signal strength: 3) but the spare room TV (LG) picked it up (signal strength or quality was 8-9% and the other was 0%)


Interesting channel names from MDT here, using GEM HD instead of just GEM. Does 7 Qld/SC/WIN do this for their old HD multi-channels in other areas?


Can I get any other channels other than NBN Newcastle, WIN Newcastle and , Prime7 Newcastle and their secondary channels in Cessnock area in NSW?


Nothing from 7 QLD. Anytime there is any sport showing, they do attach a HD bug to their 7mate sport logo but there is no other mention of HD anywhere else on the channel


Highly unlikely, no.

Cessnock is not a very good spot for receiving out of area signals.



Tweet from the Hay Mate concert. That’s one big installation.

The house on Street View


Could the installation have been for Newcastle??


Yep. They are band 2 antennas. For Newcastle


Funny that!

I was in Tamworth earlier today, drove past Scully Park, I saw that antenna and thought, “what the f*** is that for”?

It couldn’t be Sydney, as ABUN7 and NEN9 would make ATN7 and TCN9 reception impossible. Unless they only wanted TEN10.

As its horizontal and north/south facing, that ruled out CWN6 or CBN8.

The elements look too short for NBN3, but then I can’t think what else!?


Just judging by the pictures I’m pretty sure that the elements match band II - they are too long for band III.


I always thought Mt Dowe - there were a lot more around town (particularly in that area)




It didn’t look to be pointing in quite the right direction for NRN11 or RTN8.

ECN8 is vertical, so it wasn’t that.

As @Mechsta posted, it appears that it’s for NBN3 Newcastle.


Not quite in the right position of DDQ0 then either?


No, DDQ would have been impossible since Tamworth also had a NEN Channel 0 relay operating at the local Bald Hill site (to relay NEN 9 off Mt Dowe up in the Kaputar National Park).

They also only swapped from DDQ10 to DDQ0 in 1988 (as a swap with TVQ TEN Brisbane)