Logie Awards - Future

The Logie Awards are no longer to be managed by TV Week.

The Logie Awards will be managed externally by events company, Rizer, but TV Week and Are Media still retain ownership of the awards.

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This is terrific news, it’s about time they stood on their own away from a magazine.


Although TV Week still owns the awards, glad that the ceremony will be run externally this year.

No date or how we vote for the awards yet?

I guess the Logies are just now too big for TV Week to run.

I just want to know if the Logies will recognise shows that aired in 2019 and 2020.

TV Week still owns it, it looks like it has just outsourced the running of the event.

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Yes, I read the article, but any gap between the two is a positive. If only the broadcast was produced externally from Nine as well would it be so much better.

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I agree it needs a different broadcaster, Nine has had exclusivity around the event for at least 25 years now but I can’t see Seven or Ten being interested. The only other option is Foxtel I suppose.

Not even the network it airs on (though switching between networks like the Emmys would be good) but having an external production company produce the telecast away from Nine in-house would be a huge step-up. When Roving took over the ARIAS it changed the event massively, the same could happen with this with ITV or Endemol or someone.


Hopefully this improves the overall ceremony.

Or, hear me out - don’t broadcast it.


controversial :exploding_head: