Location, Location, Location

10’s Licensed To Sell.

Location, Location, Location. Coming To 10 In 2023.

Buying a house can be a fraught business, especially in Australia. Thankfully in 2023, 10 is bringing trusted property experts to the rescue of desperate house hunters in the premiere of the worldwide smash hit, Location**,** Location, Location.

From auction houses to estate agencies, websites to word-of-mouth, the team from Location, Location, Location will scour markets all over Australia for the perfect property.

And whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, retiring or relocating, the mission is always the same: to make a dream home a reality.

With interest rates rising in the real estate market and pulse rates rising for both nervous sellers and anxious buyers, every property auction is an emotional mini-drama, and Location, Location, Location will be there to catch all the highs and lows.

Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming, Paramount ANZ, said: "Location, Location, Location is a well-loved format and we are thrilled to bring it back to Australian free-to-air audiences.

“This series will be shot in Melbourne and Sydney, where property is highly sought after, and we can’t wait to help everyday Australians find their next home, tree change, sea change and more."

Peter Newman, Chief Executive Officer, Endemol Shine Australia, said: “We’re immensely proud and excited to see Location, Location, Location on 10 in 2023.

“The show has a wonderful heritage in Australia and overseas, and we look forward to watching as our experts help make our contributors property dreams come true.”

Produced by EndemolShine Australia (a Banijay company), Location**,** Location, Location is an original format from IWC Media (a Banijay company) distributed by Banijay Rights.

Location, Location, Location: where dreams come home in 2023.

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The Block 2021 winners Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie will host the new show, according to today’s Sunday Telegraph.

Property Entrepreneurs Mitch And Mark To Host Location, Location, Location.

Coming To 10 And 10 Play In 2023.

Property experts Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie plan to bring some fun and flair to house hunting when the dynamic duo front Network 10’s new series Location, Location, Location.

Mitch and Mark won The Block in 2021 and have been buying and flipping properties together for nearly two decades, transforming some 20 properties from undesirable abodes into highly sought after homes, and ultimately turning their passion for property and renovating from a hobby into a successful career.

Mitch and Mark will use their extensive property prowess, buying, negotiating and real estate experience, and knowledge of the market to help everyday Australians find their dream home. Whether they are first-time home buyers or retiring, upsizing or downsizing, the duo will guide their house hunters through one of the most important and nerve-racking decisions of their lives.

Mitch and Mark said: "We are so excited to be hosting Location, Location, Location. It’s such a privilege to meet and help Aussies looking to find their new home in such a dynamic market, where hidden opportunities are just waiting to be found.

"We’ve learnt a lot from our own experiences of searching, buying, renovating and selling properties. We know how to look through the staging to see what a property is really offering, the good and the bad, and seeing the opportunities that others might not see in an ‘ugly duckling’ property that you can transform into a swan!

“We’ve loved watching the UK series, and now we are so thrilled to add our touch to the Aussie series. It’s going to be so much fun sharing our experience and knowledge.”

Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming, Paramount ANZ, said: "Mitch and Mark have really captured the nations heart and we are excited to have them join us here at 10. Their authentic, fun and warm approach makes them a perfect fit for the Network.

“Mitch and Mark aren’t just expert renovators, they’ve built successful careers in sales and marketing and their own property empire. Their unique backgrounds place them perfectly to shed some much needed light on Australia’s property market as they help Aussies make the most important purchase of their lives, plus we know they’ll make it entertaining! What’s not to love?”

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay company), Location, Location, Location is an original format from IWC Media (a Banijay company) distributed by Banijay Rights.

Casting for the exciting new season of Location, Location, Location is now open. Go to 10play.com.au/casting to apply.

Not fussed on this hosting choice, and I was looking forward to seeing the show. Reckon they could be pretty polarizing for some viewers.

Unlikely to get a mention anywhere - but this is the second go at this one. Lifestyle did three series 2012-2014

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The problem with Mitch and Mark is they were so unlikeable on The Block. They were constantly whinging and were eternally offended when the judges didn’t like their rooms. I think this is a poor casting choice.

The difference with Bryce and Veronica to Mitch and Mark is that they are both involved in real estate, one being a buyer’s advocate and the other a real estate agent whereas Mitch and Mark are just reality show contestants.

I don’t think that’s a fair representation of their background by simply labeling them as reality contestants.

The press release does a pretty good job of outlining their years of experience in the property space pre The Block, and whilst they aren’t agents, they seem to know what they’re doing with successful renovations, sales and turning that into a business.

I still am not a fan of their casting, but willing to give the show a crack.

But people are getting really sick of reality show contestants being employed as radio, television or podcast hosts.


Not suggesting otherwise, and I’ve made it clear I’m not a fan of this casting decision.