@blackbox has revealed he is launching a streaming service called LIVE+


The Ben, Rob and Robbo show will be on the platform.

More details in the article but further announcements will be made leading up to the launch later in the year.

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Was Rob drinking a NZ energy drink when he came up with the name?


No offence, but who would want to pay for this?


haha no I wasn’t… but I’m hoping because we’re in different spaces all will be ok… but who knows the name could change before launch anyway

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It’s not free. A sub will cost $6.95 per month

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Well, that will be the question. If the content is good people will pay the small price. We’re going to offer something different to other streamers… and we only need 60,000 subscribers to make some real profits.


well @blackbox we may have our differences and disagreements, but this is something you must be congratulated on . and you can count on me being a subscriber :slight_smile:

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Any space for a fat bastard who just rants and rants? :stuck_out_tongue:

Works for Sky. :laughing:

Thanks @Jason_Ferguson, I truly appreciate that

Oh you’re back!

Is that ok? I thought I would answer any questions about the announcement today.

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Looking forward to it Rob. Looks great and certainly targets an aspect not currently offered by others streamers


Of course. I just thought you deleted an account, so was just surprised to see you back. :slight_smile:

@blackbox will this have an android tv app?

Great news @blackbox and very exciting!!


and also could you give us a sneak peak of what shows will be on ??? it not thats ok as well:D the daily fitness show. could be up my ally:) since i need to lose weight :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is intriguing for sure and will check it out, been an avid fan of the podcast for a long time and think you have great ideas.

I’m intrigued though given much of the talk in recent times on the podcast about the plethora of streaming apps in the AU market. Everytime a new player launches or looks to launch there is speculation about whether it can survive in this market or not and I’m interested to hear why this is any different - though as you say 60,000 subs to make profit isn’t an astronomically high number of subs.

I couldn’t delete the account so it’s just been sitting there inactive.

Yes it will. We have factored in the costs of building all apps (or most at least)


You are absolutely right… there are way too many streaming services, but I believe we have found the gap in the market for consumers looking for something different. We won;t be a carbon copy of the others - the LIVE aspect of the programming is where I believe Netflix will end up going in addition to their library of on-demand content (especially once they see what we do)

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