List the stations you can receive


Sorry confusing with Dab+


Being only a few km away from @Ant5476 I can virtually copy and paste that list although my location favours the south and west (particularly west).

Omnidirectional mixed pol antenna with no amp.

Permanent stations:
87.6- LPON Vintage Fm (Penrith)
87.8- LPON Vintage Fm (Penrith)
88.0- LPON Air Fm (Penrith)
88.1-2RDJ (Burwood)
88.3-2UUS (Camden)
88.5-2RRR (Ryde) - very weak
88.7 - Vintage (Camden)
89.1-2BLU (Katoomba) RDS
89.3 - 2GLF (Liverpool)
89.7 -2RES (Waverley) Very weak, wiped out easily by South coast with any tropo
89.9-TCBLs (Windsor). Hawkesbury Gold with RDS
90.1-2NSB (Narwee)
90.5-2CCR (Parramatta) RDS
90.9-2PNN (Illawarra)
91.3-2MAC (Campbelltown) RDS
92.1-2MFM (Sydney) RDS
92.5-2WYR (Mittagong)
92.9-2ABC (Sydney) RDS
93.3- 2SNR (Gosford)
93.5-2SNO (Goulburn)
93.7-2LND (Sydney)
94.1-2LIV (Wollongong)
94.5-2FBI (Sydney)
94.9- Power FM (Nowra)
95.1-2BS (Bathurst)
95.3-2PTV (Sydney) RDS
95.7-2ABC (Illawarra)
96.1-2ONE (Katoomba) RDS
96.3-2CCC (Gosford)
96.5-2UUL (Wollongong) RDS
96.9-2SYD (Sydney) RDS
97.3-2ILL (Illawarra)
97.7-2SBS (Sydney) RDS
98.1-2WIN (Wollongong) RDS
98.5-2OOO (Sydney) RDS
98.9-2JJJ (Illawarra)
99.1-2UUS (Richmond)
99.3-B Rock (Bathurst)
99.5-2ICEt (Katoomba)
99.7-2SSR (Sutherland
99.9-2SWR (Blacktown) RDS
100.1-Life FM (Bathurst)
100.3-2MCR (Campbelltown)
100.5-2RPHt (Kings Cross)
100.7-2WOW (Penrith)
100.9-2TAB (Bathurst)
101.1-2LTt (Katoomba)
101.3-2CFM (Gosford) RDS
101.5 - JJJ (Canberra) weak
101.7-2WWS (Sydney) RDS
101.9-2JJJ (Orange)
102.1-2JJJ (Newcastle)
102.3 - ABCFM (Canberra) weak
102.5-2MBS (Sydney) RDS
102.7 - ABCFM (Orange)
102.9-2ST (Mittagong)
103.2-2CBA (Sydney) RDS
103.5 - 1035FM (Orange) weak
104.1-2DAY (Sydney) RDS
104.3-2RN (Orange)
104.5-2GOS (Gosford) RDS
104.9-2MMM (Sydney) RDS
105.1 - MMM (Orange)
105.3 - HPON (Wollongong)
105.7-2JJJ (Sydney) RDS
105.9 - sHit FM (Orange)
106.1-2ABC (Newcastle)
106.5-2WFM (Sydney) RDS
106.9-2VOX (Wollongong) RDS
107.3-2SER (Sydney) RDS
107.5 - 2OCR (Orange)
107.7-2GGO (Gosford) RDS
107.9-2ICE (Lithgow). None of the Sydney Special event broadcasts have gotten over Move.


That is quite an impressive list too, how is your permanent reception of Eagle Fm, Brock and the Orange Commercials??

Your Fm antenna being mixed polarisation would increase the gain on those weak stations whereas mine being purely horizontal would not perform as well.

As I said my LOS to the south is not as good as yours. I have the Acacia Gardens Ridgeline and water tower to the south of me. I am about 80m ASL the highest part of Stanhope Gardens, whereas the water tower at Acacia Gardens is close to 100m ASL, that is why near the water tower it is so good for Dxing as it has excellent LOS in all directions.

The Newcastle stations and Middle Brother ABC Fm I get that are not on your lists are weak but only just receivable. However with ducting they can be at local strength with RDS where applicable.
Middle Brother ABC Fm is stronger then the Newcastle commercial fm’s and will fluctuate from weak mono to stereo in flat conditions.

Eagle fm is not receivable or just receivable in normal conditions but will fade up to strong with RDS when aircraft fly over.

I use to get the Canberra nationals with only the lightest of tropo when I faced my Matchmaster Omni fm antenna to the south, but I then missed out on the strongest enhancements which are from the north.


Brock is very recently permanent again. Used to get it all the time but then sometime earlier this year 2NSB moved to their new site and I got them 50/50. I suspect some alterations have been made to Brock with the addition of 2BS FM at Mt Ovens as its permanent over 2NSB again.

Eagle FM is pretty much always there to some degree. It does vary though from nearly below the noise floor up to 2 bars with RDS.

Orange commercials are always there 0-1 bars but Batemans Bay does wipe out Triple M (2GZ) at times. I have never had 2EC over Hit105.9. Bit of tropo and I’ll get RDS from them.

Newcastle ABCs are about the same as Eagle FM to me. And yes I get middle brother before I would any three of the Newcastle commercial stations. Infact I’ve only ever had them here once strong enough to get over their respective “south co-channels”


My Eagle Fm reception is similar but yours is stronger due to your LOS. Newcastle ABCs at medium strength always in stereo. Triple J strongest.

Orange Nationals just above the noise floor except ABC Fm which is well above the noise floor.

Brock use to be received in stereo but 2NSB is at local strength with RDS so will not be received unless 2NSB goes off air.