The LifeStyle Channel’s hit local production, Selling Houses Australia, is back for its ninth season when it premieres on Wednesday, February 3 at 8.30pm, only on Foxtel.

Selling Houses Australia is the most successful locally produced series in subscription television history. Selling Houses Australia first premiered in 2008 and over the years the team have performed makeovers on over 80 properties, all around the country.

In the 13-episode season 9, host Andrew Winter is joined once again by interior designer Shaynna Blaze and landscape designer Charlie Albone, as they tackle their toughest challenges yet – turning Australia’s real estate lemons into desirable homes. From a wonky windmill to a mock-tudor monstrosity, the team weave their design magic in a bid to tempt buyers and give desperate vendors a much-needed sale.

What could be more attractive than a Victorian home in a beautiful country town? That’s what single mum Karen thought when she put her Ballarat house up for sale. The trouble is, this country manor doesn’t know if it’s 1880s or 1980s – with ugly pink walls, a daggy spa in the middle of the room and a dated extension. Buyers ran a mile from the ugly mish-mash of eras and with only one per cent of the Ballarat market in the vendor’s asking price – can Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie come up with a grand plan to sell the heritage home at a grand price?

In the series first double-episode makeover, the team faces their greatest challenge yet. “Old Linton” is a country manor in Yass, which interior spans almost an acre! This historic house was a Gatsby-style mansion in the 1920s and a home for injured war veterans in the 1940s. Now owners Karina and Stephe are struggling with the upkeep and need to sell – but who would take on a crumbling castle in the middle of the countryside? A property of this scale needs a global marketing strategy, so Andrew returns to his old stomping ground, “mother” England, for inspiration.

Selling Houses Australia is produced by Beyond Productions exclusively for Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel.

Following the premiere broadcast each week, Selling Houses Australia will be available to watch when you want, on demand, via Foxtel Anytime on internet connected iQ boxes. You can also stream the series on demand on Foxtel Play or Foxtel Go. Foxtel Go is included with all Foxtel residential and Foxtel Play subscriptions at no extra cost.


A special live event on Wednesday 30 March

The Seymour Centre, Sydney - BOOK TICKETS HERE

For the first time, your favourite home renovation team will appear in a special one-night-only live event to share the insights and the inspiration from the award winning series, Selling Houses Australia.

Witness the infectious chemistry between the team that has made, Selling Houses Australia, the most successful locally produced series in subscription television history when Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel presents An Audience with Selling Houses Australia.

Broadcaster and master of ceremonies, James Valentine, will host this special event with the trio that has performed makeovers on over 80 of the most unsellable properties, all around the country; Andrew Winter, Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone for an intimate evening as they guide audiences through the multiple facets of renovating, buying and selling properties.

Host, Andrew Winter, is one of Australia’s leading residential property experts with over 25-years’ experience in the property trade. Andrew believes that if you haven’t sold your house within two months then you’re doing something wrong.

Interior Designer, Shaynna Blaze, is one of the most sought-after interior designers who has created stunning interiors in residential and commercial spaces for over 20-years. Shaynna has been a finalist in Interior Design Awards in Australia and her designs have been featured in design publications around the world.

Landscape Designer, Charlie Albone, is one of Australia’s most prominent landscape designers who has worked in Australia and internationally for the past 14-years. In 2015 Charlie won a Silver-Gilt medal at the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show.

LifeStyle Presents is a new exclusive series of monthly events celebrating food, home, health and life. Hannah Barnes, General Manager LifeStyle Channels said: “Our new monthly LifeStyle Presents events series provide an intimate experience with our talent to help consumers and our Lifestyle super-fans get inspired, learn something new and connect with like-minded people”.

If Foxtel was to remove the six small, coloured squares from the “LifeStyle” logo and rebrand the channel, would it be as controversial as the removal of the dots from the Nine logo in 2006?

No it won’t, but I guess that must be happening?

The LifeStyle channels will be undergoing a major rebrand, the first in 20 years:

The new branding is a giant step backwards, IMO. I’m a bit over chevrons being used in logo designs and branding.

where can we see the new branding?



How uninspiring. :confused:

That looks bland.

Judging by those pics, the new “Lifestyle Network” channel logos look pretty ordinary IMO!

However, I will wait until we see some On-Air elements before passing my full judgement.

What is that symbol even meant to be?

It’s a chevron that’s a stylised heart. I heart Lifestyle??

I thought it was a corner lounge (from above) :slight_smile:

It’s an overweight “L” on an angle.

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A LifeStyle Special

Premieres Tuesday 27 September at 8:30pm AEST.

After winning silver at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2015, Selling Houses Australia’s landscape gardener Charlie Albone heads back to the most famous flower and garden show in the world. He is also the only Australian designer to compete at Chelsea two years in a row and this year Charlie is determined to push his garden design to the next level.

Last year’s design was personal, inspired by family and Charlie’s own life back in Sydney. This year’s garden is totally different – it’s architectural, structured and design heavy. It demands perfect precision and that comes with high risk. A dramatic floating pavilion and water feature both work in theory but have never been truly tested. Only during the build will Charlie discover if they actually work and problems cause the build to fall days behind.

Camaraderie and mateship are important in the build. Charlie is working with his team from last year, and they add a distinct Aussie larrikin touch to formal Chelsea as they battle to make the tight deadline.

“It was always a dream of mine to enter Chelsea Flower Show, but to be the first Australian designer to take on the challenge two years in a row has been amazing…and exhausting! It takes months to prepare so as soon as we were packing up from 2015, we were already starting plans for this year. It was a massive team effort and one I couldn’t have done with the support of my family and team of hard working mates,” says Charlie of the experience.

The show features some of the most famous Chelsea gold medal winners and show judges, who give tips and insights into what goes into creating a perfect Chelsea garden – where one imperfection – such as one missing leaf - can mean the difference between winning gold and silver. We also visit the home gardens of these multiple gold medal winning exhibitors.

Foxtel launches major brand refresh for Lifestyle

Foxtel today announce it has rolled out a comprehensive rebrand across its Lifestyle portfolio, including Lifestyle, Lifestyle FOOD, Lifestyle HOME and Lifestyle YOU.

Starting today, Lifestyle’s branding will take on a new look and feel designed to ensure that each channel will have its own unique character while maintaining a unified identity under the Lifestyle parent brand.

Hannah Barnes, Foxtel’s General Manager - Lifestyle Group, said, “For 20 years, the Lifestyle Group has been one of the most iconic fixtures for Foxtel. It has delighted Australians with truly immersive and creative programming across Lifestyle HOME, Lifestyle YOU and Lifestyle FOOD, and has brought so much joy to the loyal fans of our shows.

“Today’s rebrand recognises the unique quirks and qualities of each of our shows and brings that joy and colour to life in a fresh new way.

“The new brand refresh will be reflected seamlessly across all platforms and formats, aligning the channel group’s brand identity, promos and off screen and will be supported by a marketing campaign across outdoor, press, online, native advertising, podcasts, radio and a once in a lifetime pop-up restaurant experience to say a big thank you to our subscribers.”
The rebrand comes at a time when a raft of new programming will join the line-up, a series of new program acquisitions and commissions, as well as one major local production every month.

Programs returning to Lifestyle include Season 10 of Selling Houses Australia which will celebrate its milestone 100th episode next year, a 7th Season of Grand Designs Australia, Season 2 of The Great Australian Bake Off and to watch them all, more Gogglebox Australia. New shows include I Own Australia’s Best Home, Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze, Maggie in Japan and lots more yet to be announced.

The branding work was created by the Lifestyle Group’s in-house creative team; Hannah Barnes (General Manager), Glenn Urquhart (Creative Director), Brigitte Slattery (Head of Marketing), in conjunction with Brandspank NZ, Mindshare and Groove Q.

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A boot?


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Guest Judges Announced for I Own Australia’s Best Home - Live Final

Foxtel announced today three guest judges who will join experts Nick Tobias, Gillian Khaw and Tim Leveson to decide who wins Lifestyle’s new hit property show I Own Australia’s Best Home.

Selling Houses Australia’s Andrew Winter, fashion icon and homewares’ designer Collette Dinnigan and one of the country’s most stylish men and editor of Vogue Living, Neale Whitaker will lend their expertise to choose which of the homes already publicly voted into the final, will be the ultimate winner.

The guest judges and the experts will be joined by the nine finalists and their families in a live final where one of them will win $30,000 for a charity of their choice and the title of Australia’s Best Home.

“The viewers have voted for their favourite homes and choosing which one wins will be a very difficult job,” says Andrew Winter. “If this was Who Has the Biggest House, or Who Has the Most Expensive Kitchen then that would be so much easier. I have played along each week and have loved this show. I’m now pleased and excited I’ll be able to discuss the homes with fellow guest judges - although I know my opinions will be right of course!”

“I’m very excited to be judging the final of I Own Australia’s Best Home” says fellow judge Neale Whitaker. “To me a home tells a very different story to a house. It’s about the life that is lived there and the way the building supports that lifestyle. I’ll be looking for all the details that make the winning home truly special.”

“Creating a home is a very intimate process reflecting each of our personal journeys. What we surround ourselves with speaks about our memories, our hopes and our dreams. In my case, I have collected a lot of objects, furniture and pieces of art during my travels” comments Collette Dinnigan about her own home. “They are often quite eclectic pieces, some old, some new, but I try to present them with cohesion so that there is a sense of a story. That to me makes a home.”

The Final of I Own Australia’s Best Home will air on Lifestyle on Wednesday, November 30 at 8:30pm.

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