Letters and Numbers

Celebrity Letters And Numbers - Season 3

Monday 26 September 7:35 pm

Hosted by Michael Hing, each week three celebrity contestants compete in a hilarious version of the classic show ‘Letters and Numbers’. Featuring wordsmith David Astle in Dictionary Corner offering endless nuggets of wisdom that you never knew you didn’t know! Over at the board, numbers expert Lily Serna explains mathematical techniques in a way that makes complete sense.

Also featuring a special guest each week in Dictionary Corner, assisting David and providing their own brand of knowledge in a dedicated segment. The compulsive play along letters and numbers games are back with the all-important conundrum buzzer round to crown the winning celebrity.

Episode 1: Michael, David and Lily are joined by celebrity contestants Dave Thornton, Alex Lee, Luke McGregor and special Dictionary Corner guest Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall.

First time the celebrity version airs on a weeknight. Maybe it can lift SBS’ paltry Monday ratings.

Glad that the show is returning. But it looks like it will be three teams of one again. Should have been two teams of duos. So they can banter more with each other.

The show didn’t really do that well on Saturday nights, so glad its been moved to Monday nights.

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Still got the funsize lettersboard too.

I still have episodes of season 2 recorded which I haven’t watched. It became very tedious after a while.

This definitely is part of the problem. The dynamics are different with two teams of two.


The premiere has been pushed back due to the bump on effect on next Monday’s funeral coverage.


Season 3 will now start on Monday, October 3 at 7.30pm.

Episode 2: 10 October 7:30 PM

Celebrity contestants Mark Humphries, Jenny Tian, Matt Okine and special Dictionary Corner guest Cal Wilson.