Legal* Celebrity Encounters


Troy Kinne came into work on Saturday.


I work in hospitality and had either Alisa and Lysandra at one of my tables a couple months back.

Couple weeks ago had Kevin Kropinyeri as emcee for an Indigenous affairs organisation’s annual dinner. Best. Night. Ever! :joy::joy:

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when i flew to the states a few months ago Mick Doohan was on my flight (I was in the first row of economy and he was up the pointy end - i saw him when we were getting off)

I was on another flight and saw Andrew Bolt. he was also up the front and when i saw him get on i joked to my wife that it’s the first time i’ve seen him turn left.


Chris Smith in Myer Sydney this morning.

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Former Labor MP Craig Thompson at Clip N’ Climb in Gosford on the Central Coast this morning.


Singer Conrad Sewell in the food court at Sydney Westfield under Sydney Tower. Just now.


Though I have to admit I wouldn’t recognise him if I fell over him.


He’s not very tall. You could easily trip over him. :wink:



One teacher in my school class was Wendy Wheeler. She was actually a former Seven Nightly News Brisbane sports presenter and also worked on The Comedy Company.


Served Lisa Oldfeild at work today also helped her with wine… was going to say something how she was the best one of RHOS… but didn’t bother.


Did she know that you recognised her?

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Spill. How many crates of wine did she buy? Did she buy the cheap stuff or an expensive imported label? Is she trying to impress a new beau?

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Probs bec she knew I was lowkey star struck as soon as she asked me a question an I realised it was her… extreamly polite and smiley. I really liked her on that show she’s was blunt and told the truth.


Lmao… it was 2 can wines. Like little mini ones hha.


Just saw Joe Hilderbrand at Woolies Ashfield. Still looks like a hipster douchebag even in his disheveled state.


Was he buying fags and a Coke?


No! I saw him in the chips/stationary aisle!


So he was stationary in the aisle?


Anthony Callea just now in Martin Place walking towards the Channel 7 studio.


Ioan Gruffudd is currently living in my building whilst filming Harrow, I thought filming had concluded but he’s still here.

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