Legal* Celebrity Encounters


With good reason…can’t follow instructions! Was that written on your kindie report card? :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to live near Catriona and saw her often at the shops.


Well the girls were all hanging on every word he said. Was he on radio at the time? I had only seen him on a couple of TV spots back then.


The Glass House started in 2001.


That was a good show. Might be worth reviving now.


Be good on ABC Comedy with some fresh blood.


I’d rather watch that format than Tonightly, that’s for sure.


Yes I can’t remember if that was on at the time. The people I was with only knew of Rove at the time.


The interview with Andrew Denton reminded me that I once saw Richard Roxburgh with his sons at Walsh Bay wharves during the Vivid Light Festival looking at the exhibits and light shows.


I was included in the filming of an episode of Sydney Weekender today, had a few on screen chats with Mike Whitney. Fantastic person off camera, exactly how he is on TV.


I went to Annabel Crabb’s talk about her new cook book at the NLA on Sunday, then later joined the very long queue so that she could sign my copy of her book that I had just purchased. She was delightful.

  • I personally know the NRL footy star, Jack Bird. Him and his family lived right next door to my Grandparents. When we were kids, my older cousin and I would play footy with Jack and his brother on the front lawn of my Grandparent’s house. Jack has since gone on to become one of the biggest stars in the NRL.

  • I’ve met Dave Gorr and Greg Vincent, both of whom were weekday breakfast announcers on 96.5 Wave FM back in 2008. Wave FM actually broadcast live from my primary school and I was lucky enough to speak on the air.

  • When I was walking along George Street in Sydney back in 2009, I saw Gavin and Steve (two participants on the fourth season of The Farmer Wants a Wife) having a cup of coffee at a cafe.


Relatively unremarkable for me:

Stephen Quartermain on the Southern Cross Station footbridge (near Channel Nine funnily enough) a couple of years ago while I was heading to the footy at Etihad.

Denis Walter broadcasting from the Royal Melbourne Show

Mark Beretta at the Australian Open on a bridge. Decided against waving to him.

Nathan Templeton (from Seven) also at the Australian Open running with his cameraman!

Nine News Melbourne reporter Carrie-Anne Greenbank reporting at the local police station.

Peter Hitchener also at the Melbourne Show. Come across as very nice.


Although I didn’t get around to see it actually folding, my old primary school (Gowrie) won a Mix 106.3 competition and got a fancy buddy bench. The breakfast show broadcast live at school that day (around late 2017) with many kids listening and watching.


I met Adam Garcia once. He said he liked my jacket and invited and friend and I to a Katy Perry album launch which neither attended.


Went to school AND uni with a current ABC Country Hour presenter (not NSW), as well as a former Knights player and a well regarded soprano (won’t mention the school).
Currently teach the son of a Sky News producer and member of Jet (won’t mention their names either, or the school). Apparently a current ABC personality is sending their kid to our school next year…I doubt this very much.
Spent Xmas lunch with Knights legend Darren Albert (he’s related to Dad’s brother’s wife, no relation of mine).
Met plenty of current and former Knights, Jets, Swans and Kings players at fan days and the like. Not so many Thunder (that may change in my current role) and Waratahs players.
Sat in the same desk Paul McDermott sat at during the 2nd run of Good News Week - was even called out on national television!
Met Wally Lewis and Roberta Williams (Superintendent Gina Gold on The Bill), Sunrise cast, Bajo and Hex from Good Game and Peter Brock.
Also spotted/stood near Adam Spencer at a Swans pre-season game - won’t mention where as it will out where I work.


Neil Morrissey from Men Behaving Badly. at a pub in The Rocks on Friday.


Gave John Waters directions to a gig in Launceston once from Hobart. Stepped out of Eastlands and a Tarago pulled up asking how to get to the highway from there and I was giving directions to the passenger (I was on that side) and then noticed the driver was John Waters from All Saints at that stage but doing his John Lennon show. I hope they made it.

Also said g’day to John Farnham once (and he said it back) when he was walking up to the stage in Launceston for a gig rehearsal and I was walking past on the other side of the fence going for a leak.


Served Angie Asimus at work today… was gonna say hello but didn’t want to embarrass her… was quite a busy day and customers were lined up like crazy behind her.


Today I spotted Jane Fleming at the Canberra Outlet Centre and Mark Riley at Westfield Woden who was at the chicken shop.