Legal* Celebrity Encounters


so its not the time to mention that restraining order Broughy has on you?


Eddie McGuire, one of his sons and Gillon McLachlan at the MCG, was sitting right next to them


I thought… that was… before… the courts


Work lots of people. Roger Federer prob the biggest one.


One work one going back a few years now was Lemmy from Motorhead. He’d discovered Australian wines on his tour and wanted me to run through a few with him in a bar at the airport. Lovely guy, at the time I had nfi who he was or why people kept coming up for photos and autographs!


I once shook hands with Denis Walter. I also had a quick chat with Tim Ferguson during a film premiere.

Apart from that, it’s merely seeing people hosting shows that I’ve been part of their studio audience or as part of a public event. Biggest out of those would be Stephen Colbert when I went to a taping of The Colbert Report back in June 2013.


Last month I spotted Geoffrey Rush at a boarding gate of the Qantas domestic terminal at Melbourne Airport.


I was interviewed by a Nine News reporter when there was a petrol station offering fuel for 99c/L back when oil was $$$$$. I can’t remember her name, but I do remember stumbling my words probably looking like a moron and not ending up on TV that night. That was about 2014.

I was also at the Easter Show on the first day in 2011 and ended up getting on TV. One of the reporters (again, don’t remember his name but he is a regular reporter on Seven News) told us to cheer for the camera. Lo and behold, we got on TV.

Mike Whitney in Officeworks Alexandria with his kids about 10 years ago.

Clover Moore on the corner opposite Sydney Town Hall (shock!) outside the Woolies, about 8 years ago.

The most interesting one was when Geoff Huegill got on a bus going down William Street into the CBD. He got on at a bus stop on the onramp from Darlinghurst Road with one of his kids. I’m fairly certain that almost everyone on the bus knew who he was, because the bus suddenly became very quiet.

This was not long after rumors that Ian Thorpe was gay had flared up after he was taken to rehab back in 2014, but before he had actually come out as gay. So this bum (in tatty looking clothes) actually went up to him and asked (in front of the whole bus) what he thought about Ian Thorpe and all the gay rumors. I don’t remember what he said exactly, but it was an answer that didn’t reveal anything. I still cringed for the guy. The bus got stuck in traffic for ages after that.

And of course there was seeing basically every famous politician in the chamber (Turnbull, Abbott, Shorten, etc) for question time on the day that Holden announced they were shuttering the factory (we had to surrender our mobile phones before entering the chamber and the news was only announced not long before Question Time - so it was a huge shock!).


when i was in the states in 2009 i went to see Jimmy Fallon and on that show was Jeff Probst (Survior) and Jane Krakowski from 30 rock.

I also saw Katie Couric, Matt Laurer, Al Roker and Donald Trump - this was just after miss California said her stuff about gay marriage so they were on Today to talk about it.


IIRC, Damien Smith (who left at the very start of last year after 20 years at the network) was the reporter of the Easter Show reports on Seven News Sydney in 2011 so that might be who you’re referring to.


Yup that’s him.


Worked in radio back in the 80s and met heaps of ‘stars’. Some notables include:

  • Feargul Sharkey. A stuck up prat. Where is he now??
  • Jimmy Barnes. Lovely guy but his PA was a cow. Her: ‘Mr Barnes wants a cup of tea’. Me: ‘The kitchen is the second door on the left’.
  • Shirley Strachan. Had the pleasure of working with this guy and he was exactly the same on air and off air. Greatly missed.
  • Michael Hutchence. Was never a big fan but when I met him, wow, he certainly had the X Factor.

And the nicest of them all? Simon LeBon from Duran Duran.
At the peak of their fame he was coming to the station for an interview. A heap of girls were waiting for him at the front door and when the limo pulled up I saw him get out and run towards the door. I assumed he’d be like so many of the others who rush past the fans but he actually made himself late for the interview because he took so long signing autographs. A lovely guy.


Got to speak to Adrianna Xenidies on the phone once for work. Also spoke to Jim Wilson once.

Got to speak and Shake hands with the future Queen of Denmark a.k.a Princess Mary.

I saw Adam Gilchrist with his kids when at a Christmas party at Southbank in Melbourne

I got a personalised signed photo card of Brian Wenzel(Sgt Frank from A Country Practise) and used work in my dad’s shop and meet him while there.

Had a encounter where I was having a pee at a Urinal and my favourite Footballer(Now on Channel 9) comes in and uses a Urinal and then in comes another footballer with Freakish Talent(on the football field) comes in and uses the other urinal and I am in the middle and did not know where to look or what to say.


:laughing: That reminds me. I saw Adam Goodes in the loo of a pub in Woolloomooloo.

And another time I was at a nearby restaurant and Russell Crowe came in and picked up a lunch order from them.

On another occasion Richard Wilkins was having lunch near us at a restaurant on the Finger Wharf.


Jimmy Barnes drinks tea?!


I think mum and I were on Fox Sports sometime around 2012 when they had Oz Open rights, also been on Seven News the day before the Bourke St Massacre.

Also sat next to Gillian McLachlan and his kids during a Nick Kyrogis practise match some years back and saw his brother getting escorted by security a year later at the Australian Open.

Also knew someone at Nine but can’t really say much about that.

Also seen Red Symons have Coffee at a cafe in the QV in the city, he was reading the Herald Sun.

Once saw Ian Hewitson doing his program at Sovereign Hill down in Ballarat but I was very young.

Oh and did I mention the time I got a wave from Denis Walter while he was doing a OB at the tennis :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot to mention the time I was actually on TV!

Yes, as a 5 year old, my school class was on the NBN kids program “Pauline And Buttons”.

And being a pre recorded program (which I didn’t realise at first)… Pauline says to the camera “ Hello boys and girls, Today is Tuesday” and I just HAD to say “NO ITS MONDAY !!!”… They tried to edit that out, but weren’t able to do so completely.

Needless to say I haven’t been invited back on TV since.


As teenager I kept running into Red Symons in various places in Sydney. For the longest time that was my only celebrity encounter.

Then at work I encounterd various NRL players and commentators, John Stanley from 2ue, Dr Karl, Catriona Rowntree, Tobey Maguire and HG.

In the early 00s Rove, Belinda Emmett, Wil Anderson and Dave Hughes were all hanging out at a Glebe bar we were at. Wil and Hughesy had lots of groupies, even though they didn’t have big TV profiles at the time.

As we were leaving a concert a couple of years ago I saw Peter Helliar and Lehmo leaving in the crowd and pointed them out to my mum, who was deaf from the concert so I said Peter Helliar’s name louder which got his attention and they all stared at us.

Every time I see a show at the Capitol David Koch is there. Does he live there? Do we just prefer the same sessions? Is he stalking me?

I also went to school with someone who has gone far in the Australian TV media. They were dating someone who has gone reasonably far in Hollywood, they attended our school formal together.


I was waiting to board a flight from AKL to SYD a couple of years ago and met Sandra Sully - awesome chat, awesome lady.


Hughesy had groupies??