Legal* Celebrity Encounters


10 years ago I saw Will from Home & Away walking along the street.

Walked past NSW Premier Gladys in the city.


I’ve encountered a few:
Spotted Mary Franks (former WIN News Illawarra presenter) leaving Coles at Shellharbour in 2009.
Months later I met Ray Martin at his book signing at Stockland Shellharbour. Walked past John Burgess at Surfers Paradise in 2012. Had a chat with Geoff Phillips when I was at a careers expo for School in Year 11.


I think you managed to spot Rob Carleton at Erina Fair on Easter Sunday 2014?

Aww, that’s kind of a sad one now.


Tom Williams having lunch at the MLC Centre food court, not far from the Channel Seven studios.

Natalie Barr in David Jones. Talitha Cummins in Martin Place.


Gee I wish I had some encounters with celebrities, a shame I haven’t met any.


A few years ago I saw Laurie Oakes in the David Jones Market St Food Hall one Saturday morning.


Back in about 1980 my mum had to go to Collingwood Football Club for some reason so i tagged along. While we were there they were filming the movie The Club in the Collingwood foyer. Jack Thompson was having to do the same scene over and over. Must have been having a bad day at the office :wink:


You’re right. I knew it was someone who played Kerry Packer, just got the wrong one.


When I worked at crown I used to see them all the time

Footballers and WAGS everywhere (Dipper was a classic. you knew when he was in - he was loud and the centre of attention), rebecca judd was a frequent visitor.

I served suzie quatro one night. she was lovely. she knew i wanted an autograph (she could tell i guess) but i was not allowed to ask. there was no rules about her giveing me one though, and she did.

I served Christina Agulira in the high rollers suite at about 3am one morning - she had cancelled a concert the night before due to sickness but she looked ok to me.

I used to see pro poker players all the time, especilly around aussie millions - i’ve had interactions Joe Hachem, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmouth, and Chris Ferguson and seen Daniel Negreanu.

We had a staff gym that was used by the WWE guys when they came to town - it would be intimidating to work out and in comes John Cena. i packed up and left.

On the way to work i’d often see Geoffery Rush on the tram.

Flying home to brisbane i was on the same flight as the christian band casting crowns

other than that i can’t think of too many more that i have not met at organised signings.


Actress Celia Ireland catches the train at my railway station. Actress Anna Hruby at work.


I saw Darryn Lockyer at sushi train on Brisbane’s Northside on the weekend.

I’ve served a popular Nine reporter while working at a butchershop when I was 18 and that very same butchershop was featured in a report for Today by Mike Dalton.


I met Adam Garcia in London. He said he liked my coat.


In 2012 during a trip to the Gold Coast, me and my family shared a cab ride with 2012 X Factor contestant Carmelo Munzone and his body guard. The company we booked the cab with ran out of cabs and told us to meet Carmelo in the Gold Coast Carpark and tag along with him.


That reminds me. Saw Cyrus Villanueva in Martin Place, outside the Channel Seven studios at Martin Place soon after he won X Factor. Another case of ‘Whatever Happened To’ reality television star?


Know his father and a relative worked with his mother. Nice family.


Had a tour of the Channel 9 studios at Docklands a few years back with Peter Hitchener, who I’m convinced is the nicest human being alive.

Also was on a train with Tom Gleisner once. I’m equally convinced that he is the busiest human alive.


Can I see pics? I really want a nice coat for Europe.

Another one I just remembered: PNG Prime Minister Michael Somare in the departure lounge of Port Moresby Airport… twice!


I was at the Australian wheelchair rugby a few years ago (2013 it would’ve been) and Jimmy Barnes was in the crowd watching. I also seen Phillip Hughes when I was walking through the shops in Coffs Harbour a few years before he passed away, he was with his brother. It was the first thing I thought about when he passed away.


A few years ago I flew Melbourne to Sydney return, Athol Guy was on the flight up and Luke Jacobz was on the flight back. Luke was filming X Factor at the time.

Last year, I got ushered into the Qantas gold class security check queue and Tina Arena was ahead of me with a couple of other people in between. I couldn’t get over how little she really is!

Some others I’ve seen - William McInnes at the post office, Elspeth Ballantyne outside a coffee shop, Sean Connor (Joe Scully Neighbours) at the Jam Factory, Felice Arena outside Rod Laver.

People I have seen at my various places of work - Brad Johnson (Western Bulldogs), Roberta Williams, Rusty from Scared Weird Little Guys, Wayne and Tom from Gogglebox.

Also served Ditch Davey (Blue Heelers) at my old job (twice) and he was asking me about air mattresses. About 2 weeks later I read in the paper that he got married, so he must have had some guests bunker down on the good room floor lol.

There is also an actor who comes into my work on a semi regular basis and on one occasion he put in a complaint about the quality of a product we sell but none of us were game enough to call him.


Sure i am not putting on this forum though because i dont want my picture all over the forum haha. So send me a private message.