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ABC winners at 2023 SA Media Awards

ABC journalists reporting on the Ukraine invasion and the Murray River flood emergency were among the winners at the 2023 SA Media Awards.

The judges said Lincoln Rothall “demonstrated significant courage” as well as high technical ability in his reporting from the Ukrainian war zone and Behind the News presenter Amelia Moseley’s storytelling helped “an audience of all ages to experience and understand” the conflict.

The reports by Ethan Rix and Steve Opie on the overflowing of the Murray River late last year “stood out for the timely, original and empathetic way they were done”, the judges said.

Another Behind the News journalist, Nicholas Maher, was also awarded, for his “well-researched, informative and nuanced” series of Instagram and TikTok stories about the protests in Iran, which “helped deliver complex insights” to a younger audience.

ABC SA state political reporter Rory McLaren won the category of Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique for his body of work, which the judges said “displays excellent analytical skills as he explores how politics is woven into the fabric of daily life. This is a reporter who knows his beat inside-out.”

The judges also commended the ABC’s Jane Howard in the same category for her “perceptive and lyrical work in the important field of arts criticism”.

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2023 Kennedy Awards

Finalists for the awards were announced yesterday. The finalists were chosen from 748 entries across 35 categories.
Winners will be named at a gala dinner at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse on Friday, August 18.

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The Kennedy Journalists of the Year & winners of the Rebecca Wilson Award for Scoop of the Year, Jim Oram Award for Outstanding Feature Writing, Outstanding Finance Reporting Award & Investigative Reporting Award are Neil Chenoweth & Edmund Tadros.

Official winners’ list

The Kennedy Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Laurie Oakes

The John Newfong Award for Indigenous Affairs Reporting
· Caitlin Fitzsimmons, Jack Latimore, Mark Fuller, Janie Barrett and Justin McManus - The Voice Project - The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
· Carrie Fellner, Katrina McGowan, Mat Cornwell and Rhett Wyman - Paradise Poisoned - The Sydney Morning Herald
· Greg Bearup - White Hands in Black Art - The Australian

The Vince O’Farrell Award for Outstanding Cartoon
· Cathy Wilcox - Don’t Look, Becky - Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
· Fiona Katauskas - Not Like Us - Freelancer, The Echidna, Australian Community Media
· Peter Broelman - Divide and Conquer – Freelancer,

Outstanding Consumer Affairs Reporting
· Adele Ferguson, Klaus Toft and Jimmy Hamilton - Worse Look - 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
· Adele Ferguson, Amelia Ballinger and Naomi Shivaraman - Last Gasp - 60 Minutes, Nine
· Emily Baker, Amy Donaldson and Madeleine King - Do No Harm - Four Corners, ABC

Outstanding Court and Legal Affairs Reporting
· Hannah Sinclair - Baby Vinh - A Current Affair, Nine
· Nina Funnell, Lisa Muxworthy, Kerry Warren and Riah Matthews - Justice Shouldn’t Hurt -
· Tom Steinfort, Nick McKenzie, Garry McNab, Dora Weekley and Renee Hudson - Ben Roberts-Smith: The Truth - 60 Minutes, Nine

The Les Kennedy Award for Outstanding Crime Reporting
· David Murray - Ric Blum Investigation - The Australian
· Richard Guilliatt, Lia Tsamoglou and Claire Harvey - Shadow of Doubt - The Australian
· Tara Brown and Naomi Shivaraman - PRESUMED EVIL & FALSELY ACCUSED - An incomplete investigation that destroyed a good cop’s life - 60 Minutes, Nine

Outstanding Finance Reporting
· Max Mason and Mark Di Stefano - Inside Kerry Stokes’ World of Influence -The Australian Financial Review
· Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros - PwC Tax Leaks Scandal - The Australian Financial Review
· Paul Farrell, Ali Russell, Meghna Bali and Nick Wiggins - Dirty Deeds: Inside Australia’s Biggest Tax Fraud - Four Corners, ABC

The Tom Krause Award for Outstanding Foreign Correspondent
· Eryk Bagshaw and Natalie Clancy - Kidnapped in Japan - 60 Minutes, Nine
· Stephanie March, Naomi Selvaratnam, Shaun Kingma and Nikki Stevens - Philippines: Saving the Children - Foreign Correspondent, ABC
· Tom Steinfort, Garry McNab and Sheree Gibson - China in the Pacific - 60 Minutes, Nine

Outstanding Investigative Reporting
· Adele Ferguson, Amelia Ballinger and Naomi Shivaraman - Last Gasp - 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
· Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros - PwC Tax Leaks Scandal - The Australian Financial Review
· Tom Steinfort, Nick McKenzie, Garry McNab, Dora Weekley and Renee Hudson - Ben Roberts-Smith: The Truth - 60 Minutes, Nine

Outstanding Online News Breaking
· Clementine Cuneo, Josh Hanrahan, Dan Proudman, John Rolfe and Tamaryn McGregor - Wedding Bus Tragedy -
· Josh Hanrahan, Mark Morri and Clementine Cuneo - Cooma Taser Scandal Revealed -
· Michaela Whitbourn and David Estcourt - Live coverage of Ben Roberts-Smith judgment - The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age websites

Outstanding Political Reporting
· Lucy Cormack, Tom Rabe, Alexandra Smith and Jordan Baker - Game Over for Lobbyist after “Catholic Gut” Comment - The Sydney Morning Herald
· Sarah Elks and Michael McKenna - Warren Entsch’s Fast-Tracked Island Jab for Billionaire Donor - The Australian
· Sean Nicholls, Stephanie March and Naomi Selvaratnam - The War Within - Four Corners, ABC

Outstanding Reporting on Human Rights, Social or Religious Affairs
· Grace Tobin, Patrick Begley, Mary Fallon and Meghna Bali - Locking Up Kids - Four Corners, ABC
· Matthew Davis and Peter O’Donoghue - Myanmar’s Forgotten War - Foreign Correspondent, ABC
· Nina Funnell, Lisa Muxworthy, Kerry Warren and Riah Matthews - Justice Shouldn’t Hurt -

Outstanding Reporting on the Environment
· Carrie Fellner, Katrina McGowan, Mat Cornwell and Rhett Wyman - Paradise Poisoned - The Sydney Morning Herald
· Karla Grant, Michael Carey, Greg Wilesmith and Max Harach - Western Australia’s “Cultural Genocide” - Living Black, NITV
· Lucy Murray - Mining the Pacific Ocean - SBS

The Peter Frillingos Award for Outstanding Sport Reporting
· Hagar Cohen, Alex McDonald and Alice Mulheron - Paralympic Scandal: Gaming the Games - Four Corners, ABC
· Julian Linden - Sink or Swim - The Daily Telegraph
· Sandra Odorisio, John Varga, ACS, Ben Fogerty and Michael Usher - Thanks for the Memories (Mario Fenech) - Spotlight, Seven Network

The Cliff Neville Award for Outstanding Team Player or Mentor
· Kathryn Wicks - The Sydney Morning Herald
· Mark Morri - The Daily Telegraph
· Stephen Rice - The Australian

The Rebecca Wilson Award for Scoop of the Year
· Greg Bearup - White Hands in Black Art - The Australian
· Joshua Hanrahan and Mark Morri - Cooma Taser Scandal Revealed -The Daily Telegraph
· Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros - PwC Tax Leaks Scandal - The Australian Financial Review

Student Journalist of the Year
· Eve Cogan - The University of Technology Sydney
· Tyson Jackson - The University of Notre Dame
· Zara Powell - University of Technology Sydney

Young Journalist of The Year (if yet to turn 27 by June 30)
· Brittany Chain - Daily Mail Australia
· Kamin Gock - ABC
· Rhiona-Jade Armont - SBS

The Peter Ruehl Award for Outstanding Columnist
· Emma Kemp - Guardian Australia
· Joe Aston - The Australian Financial Review
· Sean Kelly - Freelancer, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Jim Oram Award for Outstanding Feature Writing
· Jessica Sier and Andrew Burke - Inside the Downfall of Ex-Young Rich Lister Robert Bates - The Australian Financial Review
· Lauren Wood - Becoming El - News Corp Australia
· Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros - PwC Tax Leaks Scandal -The Australian Financial Review

Outstanding Travel Writing
· Christine Salins - One Of The Greatest All-Time Travel Experiences: Sailing Through The Panama Canal - Freelancer / Food Wine Travel
· Craig Tansley - Hollywood’s Take-Down Of Paradise - Freelancer/T Australia (Australia’s New York Times)
· James Massola - Can you drive an EV across the Nullarbor? - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Rod Allen Award for Racing Writer of the Year
· Adam Pengilly and Chris Roots - Berry and the Butcher - The Sydney Morning Herald
· Ben Dorries - Body of Work - News Corp
· Jessica Owers - The Fall of Singapore - TDN AusNZ

The Chris Watson Award for Regional Reporting - Print and Online
· Joshua Peach - Candidate Unmasked as President of ‘Tassie Proud Boys’ - The Examiner, Australian Community Media
· Matt Garrick - Fight for Peace - ABC News Darwin
· Sam Rigney - The Music Scene, the Sexual Predator and the Survivor - Newcastle Herald, Australian Community Media

SD Harvey Award For Short Crime Story
· Jaclyn Riley-Smith - Mother’s Ruin
· Matthew Malcom - The Other Side
· PG Davies - Adam Ingram

The Gary Ticehurst Award for News Camera Coverage
· Henry Lynch - Philadelphia - The War on Tranq - 7NEWS
· James Cannon - Turkey Earthquake - Seven Network
· Scott Morelli - Balikatan - 60 Minutes, Nine

The Mike Willesee Award for Nightly Television Current Affairs Reporting
· Ally Langdon, Ashley Carter, Mal Tralaggan, Adam Harley, John Adderley and Stephen Ramplin - Esra’s Story - A Current Affair, Nine
· Anne Connolly and Hannah Meagher - Investigation into the Public Trustee System -7.30, ABC
· Tracy Grimshaw and Ashley Carter - Charlie Teo - A Current Affair, Nine

Outstanding Online Video
· Mark Morri, Josh Hanrahan, Clementine Cuneo, Ben English, Anna Caldwell and Zac McLean - The War: Young Blood - The Daily Telegraph
· Matthew Benns and Ankit Mishra - Courage Under Water - The Daily Telegraph
· Stefan Mitchell and Nicholas Gane - Ukraine: One Year of War - 7NEWS

The David Leckie AM Award for Television Current Affairs Reporting-Long Form
· Bridget Brennan, Suzanne Dredge, Brooke Fryer and Stephanie Zillman - How Many More? -Four Corners, ABC
· Grace Tobin, Naomi Selvaratnam, Mahmood Fazal, Patrick Begley and Annabel Hennessy - The Postcode Wars - Four Corners, ABC
· Nick McKenzie, Amelia Ballinger and Joel Tozer - Trafficked - 60 Minutes, Nine

The Harry Potter Award for Television News Reporting
· Ben Lewis, Colin Cosier, Kateryna Malofieieva - Ukraine: One Year On - SBS News
· Robert Ovadia - Hearts Bleed Blue - 7NEWS
· Sarah Greenhalgh, James Cannon and Bertan Ayduk - Turkey Earthquake -7NEWS

The Paul Lockyer Award for Regional Broadcast Reporting
· Steven Schubert - Regional health system failing country people - ABC NT
· Matt Cunningham - Matt Cunningham leads Australian reporting on the violence that has gripped the Northern Territory - Sky News NT
· Matt Garrick - Behind a Social Breakdown - ABC NT

Outstanding Podcast
· Claire Harvey, Kristen Amiet, Hedley Thomas, David Murray, Matthew Condon, Slade Gibson, and Jasper Leak - The Teacher’s Accuser - The Australian
· Akhim Dev, Simon Nasht, Emma Lancaster, Dr Belinda Lopez, Darcy Thomson, Romy Sher, Bonnie Lavelle and Jennifer Goggin.- The Children in the Pictures podcast series - LiSTNR
· Jess Lodge, Melissa Downes and Adam Buncher - Hannah’s Story – 9News Queensland

The Sean Flannery Award for Outstanding On the Road Radio News Reporting
· Clinton Maynard - Surry Hills Fire - Radio 2GB
· Gavin Coote - La Nina takes toll on flood-prone inland communities - ABC Radio
· Peter Ryan - LIVE FROM MARTIN PLACE - Reserve Bank shocks with aggressive interest rate rises sending households into shock - ABC Radio

Outstanding Radio Current Affairs
· Alexandra Blucher and the Background Briefing team - How the system failed to save Darcey and Chloe - Radio National, ABC
· Ben Fordham and James Willis - Barilaro’s NYC Trade Job - Radio 2GB
· Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop - Turkiye Earthquake Disaster - AM, ABC Radio

Outstanding News Photography
· Darren Howe - Saved From Above - Bendigo Advertiser, Australian Community Media
· Dean Lewins - City Inferno - Australian Associated Press
· Kate Geraghty - War in Ukraine - The Sydney Morning Herald

Outstanding Portrait Photography
· Kate Geraghty - Defender of Bakhmut - The Sydney Morning Herald
· Michael Klein - This Is How I Was Meant To Be - News Limited
· Sylvia Liber - The Scars of Wreck Bay - Illawarra Mercury, Australian Community Media

Outstanding Sports Photography
· Adam Mclean - UCI 2022 - Bendigo Advertiser, Australian Community Media
· Darrian Traynor - Colour and Shape - Freelance/Getty Images
· Mark Kolbe - Kolbe Cheese - Getty Images

The Power of the Lens People’s Choice Award goes to Nick Gane from 7 news for Don’t Judge - The World’s Most Tattooed Man

Honouring Adam Walters, the Kennedy Awards Founder and Events Manager 2012 - 2021.

The inaugural Kennedy Scholarship, , goes to Fenlan Miller from UQNews

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9News Queensland’s Hannah’s Story wins Kennedy Award for Outstanding Podcast

9News Queensland presenter Melissa Downes and producer Jess Lodge won the Award for Outstanding Podcast at Friday night’s Kennedy Awards, dedicated to excellence in Australian journalism, in a gala ceremony at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse.

Their entry, Hannah’s Story, which topped Australian podcasting charts and is nearing one million downloads, was recognised for excellence in podcasting as a compelling account of one of the worst acts of domestic violence Australia has ever seen – the day Hannah Clarke and her three children were set on fire and killed in their car in a quiet Brisbane street by their father, Hannah’s estranged husband, Rowan Baxter.

Over six episodes, Hannah’s Story gives a powerful voice to Hannah’s loved ones, the first responders on the scene, witnesses, domestic violence experts and political leaders, as it delved into the shocking murders to ignite a community conversation about coercive control and spotlight the need to identify red flags in friendships and relationships to prevent more domestic atrocities.

Melissa Downes said: “What an incredible night! With three decades in journalism including fifteen years at the 9News Queensland news desk, the experience of podcasting was an exciting shift. Hannah’s Story allowed us to shed light on the answers we were all grappling for since 19 February 2020, a devastating day etched in Australia’s history that has stuck with me ever since.

“Making the podcast with Jess was an honour, and a perfect avenue to magnify the incredible work of Hannah’s parents, Sue and Lloyd, through Small Steps 4 Hannah.”

Jess Lodge said: “I’m incredibly grateful that Hannah’s Story has received this recognition from our peers. Most of all, I’m proud knowing that its growing audience now has a deeper understanding of coercive control and the signs to look out for. I cannot thank Sue and Lloyd Clarke, and everyone who was involved, enough for allowing us to tell their stories.”

9News Queensland News Director, Amanda Paterson, said: “Proud is an understatement. Melissa and Jess, alongside podcast editor Adam Buncher, told Hannah’s Story with the grace, dignity and empathy that Hannah and her three children, Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey, deserve.

“I saw first hand how much Melissa and Jess poured their heart and soul into this podcast, all while delivering 9News Queensland’s leading news bulletins. Their resounding success and last night’s Kennedy Award win not only validates their hard work but also sets the stage for an exciting era of future 9News podcasts.”


The guts of it is that Ampol, a well known fossil fuel company, is a sponsor of the Walkleys and in other events there was a revamp of the awards categories recently to make them more in line with modern times and while there was a call for climate reporting to have its own award category, it didn’t make the cut.

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Cathy Wilcox (The Age and SMH cartoonist) and David Pope (The Canberra Times cartoonist) have drafted a statement calling for The Walkley Foundation to take action.

UPDATE: the Walkley Foundation posted a statement yesterday (from Cathy’s Twitter account)

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2023 Australian Football Media Association Awards

UPDATE 20/9/2023
News Corp’s Michael Klein has been awarded life membership of the AFMA for his 37 year service to the industry.

UPDATE 21/9/2023: complete winners list

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Photojournalist Kate Geraghty and former national security correspondent Anthony Galloway took home the 2023 Lowy Institute Media Award on Thursday night for their reporting on Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

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WA Media Awards

Congratulations to all the ABC finalists and winners in the WA Media Awards.

ABC journalists and teams were awarded for audio news and features, culture and arts reporting, regional and community reporting, social equity reporting and sports reporting.

A multi award winner on the night was Erin Parke, who is based in Broome with the ABC’s national regional reporting team.

Parke was awarded for “Chasing Waterfalls”, a feature which captured the beauty of the East Kimberley wilderness and the challenges faced by those looking to forge a new path through it.

She was also recognised for a collection of stories on the Kimberley floods and a video feature on the “Fitzroy Floods”. She took home the Culture and Arts reporting prize for “Mystery Settlement”, an incredible hidden story from WA’s north about an Aboriginal-Indonesian cultural connection dating back at least 150 years.

Also among the awarded work was Nicolas Perptich and Rebecca Turner’s “Father Damian’s dark playbook”, an investigation into Catholic priest Damian Barker.

Briana Fiore and Anthony Pancia took home the Sports Reporting award for “The Fights of our Lives – A Boxing Story”.

Kirsti Melville won the Audio Feature award for “A Promise Frayed | When Oscar was promised the world” on ABC Radio National.

Isabel Moussalli won the Audio News Story award for “Truck drivers speak out about hidden dangers”.

Jessica Hayes, Hannah Murphy and Andrew Seabourne shared the award for Multimedia Feature for “43 years a murderer”.

The New Journalist or Cadet prize was won by Cason Ho.

List of ABC winners

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WINNER: Quinn Rooney , Getty Images , ‘Matilda Joy’

Matilda Joy: Australian players celebrate as goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold stops France’s penalty shot by Eve Perisset in the penalty shoot out during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Quarter Final match between Australia and France at Brisbane Stadium.

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Queensland Clarion Awards

Presented 21 Oct 2023

Tonight is a celebration of the best journalism produced in Queensland from the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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ABC and Nine (News and ACA) big winners at the Clarions tonight.

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9 news Brisbane graphics department winning an award? Seriously? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


ABC’s Alexandra Blucher 2023 Queensland Journalist of the Year

ABC journalist Alexandra Blucher has been named Queensland’s 2023 Journalist of the Year at the Clarion Awards.

Blucher won the top honour and the Investigative Journalism award for the joint investigation by the Background Briefing and ABC Investigations teams into the deaths of two-year-old Darcey-Helen and one-year-old Chloe-Ann in their mother’s overheated car in 2019. The investigation exposed shocking deficiencies in Queensland’s child safety department.

“It was a privilege to be trusted by Darcey and Chloe’s family, particularly Darcey’s father Peter, to tell their story and allow me to join them on their heartbreaking search for the truth on why the child protection system didn’t heed their dire warnings,” Blucher said.

“I hope the story’s exposure of the failings in Darcey and Chloe’s case goes some way to raise awareness so other vulnerable children and families in the system are afforded better protection.

“Thanks also to the talented Background Briefing and ABC Investigations team members who put their hearts and souls into the production of the story for podcast and digital – and the ABC for giving me the time needed to work on the story.”

ABC journalists and teams won 12 awards altogether.

Western Queensland-based video journalist Victoria Pengilley won three awards, for New Journalist of the Year, Rural Journalism and Regional and Community: News Report – Print/Text.

The ABC’s other awards were for Business Journalism; Health and Science Reporting; Innovation; Radio, Documentary and Podcast; Radio News and Current Affairs; News Report – Print/Text; Feature Article or Opinion Piece – Print/Text; and the John Bean Memorial Award for Television Camerawork

Full list of ABC finalists and winners

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Winners revealed: 2023 Rural and Regional Journalism and Photography Awards celebrate media excellence in Geelong

The Rural and Regional Journalism and Photography Awards, a prestigious event recognising outstanding contributions to regional journalism and photography, attracted a gathering of 130 guests on Friday night at the iconic Geelong Library & Heritage Centre.

Emceed by ABC Statewide Drive radio host Prue Bentley, the event showcased the talent and dedication within the industry.

This year’s awards received an impressive 360 entries spanning 18 categories, with 65 newsrooms represented across Victoria and Tasmania. It reflected the event’s growing importance in recognising excellence in rural and regional journalism and photography.

Among the notable winners were:

  • Media Outlet of the Year: ABC Central Victoria
    While all the nominees demonstrated outstanding work, it was ABC Central Victoria’s exceptional coverage of the 2022 floods and other events, such as the unexpected removal of graveside memorabilia by a cemetery operator, mobile phone number porting scams, and the challenges faced by the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre, that distinguished it as the Media Outlet of the Year.
  • Journalist of the Year: Andrew Thomson, Warrnambool Standard
    Andrew’s reporting on the Kirkstall double murder/suicide was impeccable. He covered the story in a way only a journalist with strong local knowledge and insight could. Andrew owned this story and, by methodically putting together all its pieces, he gave a masterclass in how to take a story further.
  • Young Journalist of the Year: Chelsea Bunting, Geelong Advertiser
    Chelsea’s outstanding body of work reflected a razor-sharp news sense, ability to build trust with contacts and thoughtful storytelling. Chelsea’s careful handling of sensitive subjects belies her experience and points to a bright future.
  • Photographer of the Year: Darren Howe, Bendigo Advertiser
    Darren showed an ability to capture the decisive moment, an essential capability for a good press photographer and has won this major award for a second consecutive year. Darren combines that skill with an artistic eye and his images are both newsworthy and interesting compositions.
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