Seven AFL Coverage

7two doesn’t show racing on a Sunday - they could easily move the AFLW game there if they wanted.
I guess they have just decided there is zero demand by the Qld public to watch the Suns reserves team, even if its a Grand Final.


If the Lions reserves made it, then 7 might of shown it. The Suns probably doesn’t bring viewers, they didn’t even have many people at the ground for their prelim final so the interest would be pretty low. And it’s on 7+ anyways


What it is, is discriminatory against the Suns. We all know that 7Queensland have their favourites. Last week they only played the Brisbane game not the Suns game and this week they won’t even bother to show the Grand Final on FTA. They have multiple channels for goodness sakes!

There was a reason why it looked like there wasn’t many at the ground - the AFL mandated that we scorch our supporters by putting them facing into the Sun for optics so it looks better on TV which meant that supporters were under the shade at the top of the bays so they wouldn’t get burnt…

Yeah, it’s called ratings.


Should have built the stadium the other way then.

Brian Taylor receives life membership at AFMA Awards

The Front Bar named Best TV Program

The Seven Network’s chief AFL caller, Brian Taylor has been honoured with a life membership award at the 2023 Australian Football Media Association (AFMA) Awards, while Seven’s The Front Bar was awarded Best TV Program for a second straight year.

A previous dual winner of the Lou Richards Medal and Most Outstanding Caller award for his impeccable football knowledge and match-calling skills, paired with his signature infectious personality and humour, Brian has been a key member of football’s #1 commentary team since he joined Seven in 2012.

“I think 44 years I have been involved in football, 33 of those in the media, I have just been given so many opportunities by so many different people,” he said.

“I had the opportunity to work alongside callers like Bruce McAvaney, it was just amazing to work with someone of that ilk. Bruce was always standing behind you… he was a coach to us all.

“To be involved in this industry, it has been my absolute life and I owe everything to the people who have supported me along the way. There are too many to mention by name, but to all those people, I am indebted to you, and it is because of you that I get to do what I love.”

For the second consecutive year, The Front Bar, hosted by Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher, was named the Best TV Program at Tuesday night’s awards ceremony.

The AFMA committee said: “The Front Bar continues to be a leader in the category of the Best TV Program.

“As well as presenting and discussing the current issues in what can only be described as a unique style, the trio also take their audience down memory lane with a great selection of former players who reflect on their illustrious careers, which are often the centre of some embarrassing moments from their highlight reel. Full of originality, The Front Bar is a joy to watch.”

Managing Director Seven Melbourne and Head of Network Sport, Lewis Martin, said: “On behalf of everyone at Seven, I am rapt to congratulate BT and our team at The Front Bar for their richly deserved recognition at this year’s AFMAs.

“An integral member of Seven’s AFL broadcast team, nobody knows and loves footy more than Brian Taylor.

“From calling the biggest and best moments of our great game, to his support for grassroots community football over many years, Brian’s deep passion for the game remains at the forefront of everything he does,” he said.

“Everyone’s favourite, The Front Bar,** brings a unique and refreshing take on the best footy stories of today and yesteryear and the entire team including Mick, Sam and Andy and the broader production team thoroughly deserve this recognition.”


.@CollingwoodFC fans, you will not want to miss this...

Magpies skipper Darcy Moore joins us TONIGHT on Talking Finals! ⚫️⚪️

💻 Watch on 7 and 7plus from 9:15pm AEST!

— 7AFL (@7AFL) September 20, 2023


I did not know that 7 gets Team lists first before it’s revealed by other newspapers, networks etc. I thought they all reveal it after it’s officially released

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I didnt realise that 7 got it early over everyone else - its not uncommon for accredited media to get the lists early (especially on game day) to allow them to prep

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Seven have the exclusive rights to break the team lists during 7 News Melbourne on Thursday night, 6.20pm Eastern is apparently when the embargo lifts and I’m pretty sure Seven gets to announce them ahead of that at 6.15 (which’d explain the time on Jon Ralph’s tweet… they’d be through all the teams by 6.20 in a typical round).

Thursday teams are announced on Wednesday at the same time, while weekend teams announced on Thursday are the usual extended lists that then get finalised the day before in the late afternoon (about 4.30-5pm).

They’ve had these rights for quite a while now, at least since the rights deal before last (can’t find exactly when it started but my mind is thinking “2017 rights deal”, very glad to stand corrected on that if it was earlier still). Yes there were a lot of complaints from the other non-TV media about this at the time!


Surprised that the teams haven’t been delayed to 6:45/6:50 with the extension of the news.


I am and aren’t - the league teams are enough of a thing down there that I’m surprised it’s not earlier than the B block of an hour-long news sometimes (albeit my eyes are used to Sydney news and thus I may be exaggerating that!).

It’s a bit harder to generate that news with the rugby league team lists because they’re all released as early as Tuesday, and it’s probably at a point where Nine and NRL 360 on Fox (or even the FS News’ NRL Tonight beforehand) probably have equal dibs on it.


Looks like you are right sadly.

Seven Sydney also has horse racing all afternoon on the main channel tomorrow too.

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Don’t know why these slides used on TMS showed tonight’s game on 7 and Saturday’s on 7Mate. Surely it would have been better to show both channels for both games.

Sunrise by contrast has both channels and the correct start time.


Perhaps they mean 7pm for pre-game on 7mate and then match coverage from 7.30 on Seven?


The whole thing is still on 7mate in Perth though, although I guess they are used to it.


Guides suggesting this year’s GF will be immediately specially encored that same night (after the Post Game wraps) on 7mate, at least in Melbourne. Seems a bit of a waste of a channel, only die hards of the winning team would and that’s if it’s even close/memorable. Usually they’d encore it the following afternoon. Most people will be too busy partying, consoling or chatting, discussing the events of the day with TVs either going off, staying on in background or turning off.


Coverage of VFL Grand Final continues on 7mate at 6pm AEST with post-match presentations and interviews.

The VFL GF and post-match will also be shown live on Southern Cross TV and 7mate respectively, across Tasmania and Northern Territory.


The game is being repeated at 7pm local time in all markets so Adelaide will get a 30 minute filler after presentations and there will be a 2hr gap in Perth.


Brisbane v Carlton is a great game so far!