Naomi, we were wrong about you. PLEASE COME BACK!!!


Don’t worry Sunrise will be all over it tomorrow.


How would they know who leaked it? It could be someone at Southern Cross, NBN or Imparja or any of the Nine stations who leaked it.

Once they went to a break the vision switcher possibly brought the vision back up on the program monitor so they could check vision was okay before they come back. If they did that then anyone could record it down the line.

Or possibly the audio guy heard the argument then yelled out to the vision mixer to fade the picture back on. That’s why it was missing the first bit of the argument.

In all those cases it would be able to be seen by all stations Australia wide.


Media Spy thanks you.


Julie did apologise she was flat out on a report (probably for Sydney 6pm) I’m personally shocked how Amber reacted… but Julie handled it quite well brushing it off like it was nothing… but you could tell Julie was annoyed.


Only very specific people would have access. Without a doubt someone has drawn up a list of employees with clearance to investigate.


The next person who uses derogatory language to describe the people featured in this video (or indeed any television presenter) will enjoy some time out.

Posts have been removed. Pull your heads in.


Wonder what will happen here:


Time for a new phone number, presumably.


Ambers behavior was nothing short of awful. She really was a bully. I’ll leave it at that.


Peter Ford will be discussing it on Sunrise.


Excellent, glad to see a news organisation has its priorities correctly aligned toward the important journalistic endeavour of bashing the competition.

And the media wonder why the population hate them…


In my opinion, context or not, Amber wasn’t very professional in the way that she acted. Yes, the similar outfits might have been the centre of a joke or two, but it’s not the end of the world. No one in the wardrobe department would’ve lost their job over it, people wouldn’t write in saying they’re changing the channel because the presenters looked similar! Amber could’ve addressed it briefly at the top of the segment, heck, even made reference to ‘The First Wives Club’ scene, and then moved on to the segment; instead, she acted the way she did… A bit disappointing from someone with such a prominent position inside such a large organisation.


Always enjoy a good scrag fight. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can tell from the pic that Dickie is pissed at being upstaged like that.


her acting skills were on point!


Glad to see the postcard writer still has a job.


Friday the 13th won’t bother Amber she has already had her unlucky day this week. Plus its her day off so her colleagues will be safe from the wrath of her fury,so it will be a good day all round for Nine.:thinking:


Will we always need Amber’s permission to wear white? :wink:


Sophie Walsh is presenting Friday Morning News.