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I think you’ll find im more Judge Harm


I’m way outside the demographic The Simpsons is aimed at. Can’t say I’ve seen an episode since at least 1994 and certainly don’t remember Judge Snyder.

I’m more likely to ask myself “What would Judge Judy do?” when I’m moderating posts.



Good news! Now 6pm weeknights on 10 Boss.


I’ve been watching National Nine News at 6pm for decades. Not about to break that habit, even for Judge Judy!:older_man:


I Should’ve put a ‘:wink:’ You read my mind exactly, not a good timeslot at all!

PS: upon your admission, I admire your loyalty btw wow, what did you make of Ferguson during the 2000s to the contrary of seemingly everyone else here?


I admit I was disloyal and switched to Seven for Ian Ross and Chris Bath during those years. It was basically Nine’s news badged with Seven given it was fronted by a Nine face and Meakin was in charge of the operation.



Might need to get thicker glasses gramps


That’s how all the geriatrics in the retirement village still refer to it.


Do they still ask where Hendo went?


They probably think he hasn’t gone anywhere - just that he looks and sounds about 20 years nowadays.


I’m planning on making a poll, but I need help as there isn’t a “create poll” option in the post editor. So how do I in source?


So there’s no “build poll” option under the cog icon?


If you’re moderated you can’t, hence you may have seen me politely request a mod to do one on my behalf previously.


I set up a couple of polls in Ten On-Air Presentation.

These were the first polls I’ve ever set up. I wasn’t sure how to do it.
They were Yes/No responses but I set them up as “multiple” instead of “regular”.

Apparently I can’t change it now. I need to get a moderator to do it. Can a mod help here please?

Will it wreck the poll, if we change it now?


Anyone else getting the below? :hushed:


Yes, I’ve also got a lot of other weird icons and tweaks tonight, Relaunch? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve had a few ‘blank’ icons come up instead of eg. the ‘like’ button etc.

It seems to have resolved itself now.


I got a similar thing on the desktop version.


Whoever is doing the Santa hats is dead to me


Aware of the large, crap looking icons - there was a change to how the forum handles the icons in the latest version and there seems to be some weird issues - we may have to live with it for a little while

Don’t like Santa?