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How do I direct message someone off the back off one of their posts?

I have had people message me before and it comes up ‘your comment in the XXX thread’… etc?!

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Press the report button and then


Ahh thank you. Never thought of ‘reporting’ haha.

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:+1: all good

Not really the right way to do it though unless you take issue with their post. It also doesn’t allow for the same formatting options.

The best way is to click/touch on the member’s name or icon within the post, and from the popup window press Message. The site knows you’ve come from that post and will include it as a quote and subject in the message


I don’t mean to be continually posting about these ads… but is this a real Nine News reporter?


Hahahah that is shocking. Yes, that’s Fiona Willan


That is the ugliest thing I’ve seen!

It’s not real. It’s one of those annoying ads

Had a couple of hours off and decided to read through a few threads I’d long left unread.

As activity isn’t as high in the radio/print/online sub forum, I usually tap like for each contributor within a discussion.

Now greeted with a dialog box saying I’ve reached my daily limit, come back in 12 hours.

Also says number of likes given will increase with trust level. Anything I can do to improve this?

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