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Casey is 100% heir apparent to Antony.


National consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge is leaving the ABC,she is a former South East Asia Correspondent and had been with the ABC since 2009.


Great get for Bloomberg which is an international financial news network.

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I noticed in a recent article she did for the ABC News website that she wrote it was the last one she was going to be writing before leaving the ABC.

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ABC Weather Calendar featuring Jenny Woodward, available at the Ekka or on-line.

Jenny tonight with ABC News weather.

ABC at the Ekka.

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Monday 8 August to Friday 12 August -
Danny Tran presenting weather in Victoria this week.

EDIT: Tamara Oudyn’s reaction to Danny’s quip during his weather report on Monday:

ABC News announces Tom Saunders as NSW weather presenter


The ABC is delighted to welcome Tom Saunders as the new meteorologist and weather presenter for the NSW 7pm News bulletin.

Rain, hail or shine, the highly experienced meteorologist will be appearing on the news and adding to coverage across the ABC’s platforms from Monday 22 August.

“I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to present the weather on the 7pm News and contribute to the ABC’s overall coverage,” Tom says.

“It’s an honour to be given the responsibility to provide accurate, engaging reports as climate change increasingly shifts weather into having a critical role in people’s lives.”

Tom has been passionate about meteorology since August 1986 when an East Coast Low brought Sydney’s heaviest 24-hour rain on record and caused a landslide in his backyard.

“Working as a broadcast meteorologist gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and interest in weather with a wide audience,” he says.

“The weather is an endlessly fascinating topic and problem to solve because no two days are ever exactly the same – the forecast challenge is infinite.

“My philosophy on presenting weather is to always respect my audience by providing clear and accurate information in understandable language which can be used to help people’s everyday decision-making.”

Tom takes over the key role from Graham Creed, who farewelled the ABC in February after 14 years.

About Tom Saunders

Tom completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Atmospheric Science at Macquarie University before joining Weatherzone as an operational forecaster from 2003 to 2009, providing detailed briefings to numerous weather-dependent industries.

His first broadcast role was with The Weather Channel (now Sky News Weather) from 2009 to 2020, where he became Chief Meteorologist. During this time he provided detailed coverage of some of Australia’s worst natural disasters, including the La Nina-fuelled Queensland flooding in 2011, Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi and the Black Summer bushfires.

From 2020 to 2022 he took on the responsibility of managing Sky News Weather while still leading the broadcast team to create engaging and accurate weather content.

Outside his interest in weather and science Tom loves being active with his family in Australia’s outdoors, particularly snowboarding and camping.

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I’m sure SydneyCityTV would be thrilled with this news.

Monday 15 August -
Danny Tran presenting weather in Victoria tonight.

Looks like Paul Higgins is on holidays.

That’s a big loss for Sky News Weather. Saunders was probably the only redeeming aspect of that channel which is a very pale imitation of The Weather Channel.

Inb4 Chris Kenny and all the other right wing loonies accuse him of being a ‘traitor’ to the woke and extreme far left that is the ABC.

Tom Saunders begins in NSW tonight.


Monday 22 August -
Suzie Raines presenting news in Victoria tonight with Annie Kearney on weather.

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Tom Saunders first NSW weather

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Tuesday 23 August and Wednesday 24 August -
Mary Gearin presenting news in Victoria tonight with Annie Kearney on weather.

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I’ve been a little sceptical of the criticism ABC Melbourne gets here re presenter absences in the past but it is getting quite silly now.

As a regular watcher, it feels like they’re taking the audience for granted. If Tam is off, say she’s away for the night/week/school holidays and have regular fill-in. And stagger leave if possible so Tam and Paul aren’t away at the same time, etc.


Yeah it feels like Tamara is hardly on these days.

Understand that they’re entitled to leave and other commitments but it seems like their merry-go-round lineup of fill-in presenters have been on for more than Tamara or Mary.


Thursday 25 August -
Mary Gearin presenting news in Victoria tonight, with Danny Tran on weather.

Friday 26 August -
Mary Gearin presenting news and weather in Victoria tonight.

Monday 29 August -
Tamara Oudyn also read the weather in Victoria tonight.

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If Tamara can’t commit then she needs to step down. They can’t keep going like this.