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Looks great, Ten should try something similar with Sandra Sully at 9.30, some more in-depth reports like that.

Also love the 5 general look.


Gwen Ifill, a pioneer for women in broadcast journalism in the US, and the lead anchor for Public Broadcasting Service died from cancer today, aged 61. An enormous loss for journalism in the US - especially as her objective and rigorous style is becoming more scarce than ever, and the country is entering one of the most critical times in its modern history. Let her legacy lie in supporting high-quality and objective journalism in the future.


A sad loss.


Gosh this news lineup is “abbreviated” :thinking:


I know. She was such a great anchor on the pbs Newshour. I am really shocked at her passing.

Truely a sad loss.


Market population is about the same as Perth’s and they get over half a dozen local bulletins on a public holiday. Jesus.


State broadcaster China Central Television has rebranded its international service as China Global Television Network (CGTN) with all of its foreign language channels and digital content to fall under the one umbrella. The new network was launched yesterday (New Year’s Eve). The broadcaster says it made the move to “integrate resources and to adapt to the trend of media convergence”. CGTN also unveiled two new smartphone apps: one that contains mostly news articles and one for live broadcasts.


‘CGTN’…doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue easily


European news broadcaster Euronews is to become Euronews NBC and could possibly be overhauled.

The channel has been kinda unique in how it reports the news; it has no news anchors and instead just plays story after story. The upside to this format is that it can be broadcast in a dozen or so European languages pretty much effortlessly, requiring stories to simply be redubbed in the local language without needing multiple sets and anchors running simultaneously.

From a really interesting NYT article on the changes:

NBC’s 25 percent stake in Euronews means that the network can, at long last, tap into an international market. This will enable it to compete more aggressively with CNN, which has a robust international presence (Euronews will be renamed Euronews NBC). Founded in 1993, the network has more than 400 journalists and is broadcast in 13 languages.

First thing which came to my mind when I read this is the potential for an international version of MSNBC, in similar vein to CNN having a domestic and international service.


Yeah sounds like that’s a possibility. Euronews airs on Foxtel and Fetch TV here in Australia.


Rather average refresh of GMB…


The theme music sounds more like “Good Evening Britain” rather than “Good Morning Britain” if you ask me.

I agree that it’s a rather average refresh, although I think I’ve lost count of exactly how many relaunches and minor refreshes that ITV Breakfast have done since 2010. They really need to pick a style of branding and stick to it!


They always tweak this show yet keep the uglier bits (the whole general theme and graphical style of the show is ugly).


It’s weird, this theme is great but there’s a more Electronic version of the theme which is used in the entertainment segments, would work better for it than this.

Although, it’s way better than the orchestral version they had for the past few years.


Eamonn Holmes will replace Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain as he returns to breakfast TV*
*just over easter


I was going to have a heart attack when you said that. Piers and Susanna work really well together on the show.


Eammon’s return :slight_smile:


Self explanatory.


I don’t know but that easter bunny is stirring up strange feelings within me…

Can’t say Donald’s doing anything for me though.


NRK Nyheter (Norway) - Intro

Music produced by Röyksopp