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On the same day Seven News’ relaunch fizzled into existence, TV2 News in Denmark debuted a very interesting rebrand:

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Love the set, that desk looks very similar to The Project’s. I especially like the graphics package, in particular the opener and transitioner.

Only think I’m not a fan of is the news logo and the ticker etc, doesn’t suit the rest of it in my opinion.



This is so relaxing



Close call as KTVU-2 (FOX San Francisco) reporter Alex Savidge is nearly hit by a car while delivering a live report.

Report: Car nearly crashes into KTVU reporter, everyone OK

Follow up



The Sunday Telegraph reports Natasha Exelby, who co-presented Wake Up on Ten in 2013 but was sacked after 16 days, is now a reporter on Turkey’s 24-hour English-language news channel TRT World.



End of an era in Hong Kong TV last night with the city’s No.2 network Asia Television ceasing transmission after 59 years. ATV was founded as a pay TV service of Rediffusion radio in March 1957 and obtained a FTA licence in 1973. From 1981 and 1984 it was owned by an Australian consortium including CRA (now Rio Tinto), Henry Jones IXL (now owned by SPC Ardmona) and David Syme & Co, publisher of The Age in Melbourne (now owned by Fairfax). From 1993 to 2009 it provided evening news bulletins to be re-broadcast on SBS in early mornings. In recent years, infighting between shareholders and heavy debt affected ATV’s operations and its FTA licence was not renewed by HK Executive Council on April 1 last year, giving the network 12 months to close. ATV was so cash-strapped that the news department was run by skeleton staff in the last two months, the company could not pay out all its staff and make a farewell show last night. This was recorded at the end of the late news (in Cantonese):

The new owner of ATV said it would broadcast to HK via satellite and IPTV in the future, pending a court case to wind up the company which will be heard on April 13. It has also said it will apply for a new terrestrial FTA licence.
From today, public broadcaster RTHK will simulcast its two digital channels (RTHK33 and CCTV-9 documentary channel) on ATV’s analogue spectrum, while some of ATV’s digital spectrum goes to Viu TV, owned by local telco PCCW which also runs pay-TV service NOW. Viu TV will make its debut next Wednesday, April 6.



And here is the news set for China’s #3 rated network - JSCB - based in it’s #15 largest city Nanjing

Well damn! Just amazing

JSBC news set



On Wednesday night, Korea’s SBS TV had the 5.00pm Exit poll results flown into the SBS HQ in Seoul by drone - through the front door and up a few levels into the Parliamentary election coverage studios, to land gently on a pedestal.

Countdown at top left is until 6pm, when polling places close.

Korea’s SBS TV gets election results delivered by drone.

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Global News in Canada has tweaked its news graphics this week. The biggest change, however, is the newscast names are out. No more Morning News/News Hour Final etc. It’s now “Global News at (time)”. The morning shows are now called “Global News Morning”, except in Toronto where it is still called “The Morning Show”. Global stations with hour-long newscasts at 6 PM have the long-winded “Global News Hour at 6” title.

And just for comparison, the old news openers…

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CTV abruptly cancels “national” morning show Canada AM.

Canada AM ran on all CTV stations until 2011. At that point, stations in Western Canada got their own 3/3.5 local morning shows called “CTV Morning Live”. CTV stations in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada continued to air Canada AM.



Wow big news!
It’s interesting to see how in Canada there is now an abundance of local breakfast programs - some markets 3. Yet in Australia there’s 3 network shows, one which is simulcast on the news network and a politics heavy show on pay TV.

If smallish markets like Vancouver can sustain 3 local shows, surely Sydney or Melbourne could.

Judging by what little is available of Canada AM on YouTube, the show doesn’t seem to have evolved much over the previous few years.

I assume it just wasn’t rating against its rivals, and US shows?



I think Australian networks pump their money into primetime - there is a lot more Australian content in primetime then Canadian content over there. A lot more. Most of their stuff is US content - which I guess opens up the networks to spend more money on local breakfast shows. Also they have local shows - as no national shows have ever worked in Canada (and another one - Canada AM) just got axed.

We have 3 national shows that rate pretty huge (well 2 huge, one ok)



Canada AM was competing (up until 2011) against established local morning shows from other networks across the country (Global, Citytv, independents). Then in 2011 CTV isolates the show to Eastern Canada while the local CTV Morning Live broadcasts were launched in the West, and rebranded/refreshed in Ottawa and Atlantic Canada. Throughout all that, AM was also competing against CBC News Network on cable, and the American morning shows.

While the US networks have innovated and adapted, Canada AM has not kept up. People either want a strong local morning news/weather/traffic program, or a high-gloss national morning show; Canada AM did not offer either.



aaaaaaaaaaaand now here is Canada AM’s replacement- ‘Your Morning’.
Quite a sleek and snazzy intro.

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Sleek and powerful new look and feel from Hungary’s RTL Hirado.

This is a sad reminder that Australia continues to suffer from tabloid, gimmicky and outdated presentation and themes (even Hungary can do better than us).



Love that theme!



Very nice indeed. Good to see something other than the usual blues & red’s we seem to get over here.



This kind of semi-enclosed but open setup would work great in Ten’s Sydney newsroom compared to the P.O.S. they use now.

Also, damn, that’s a weird language. Sounds almost Asian.