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###Insight returns for 2016

Tuesday 9 February at 8.30pm

Coming soon to Insight.

Insight will have a two-part special on April 11 and 18 in which retired sportspeople revealed their battle with mental health problems after retirement. Stars featured include Lauren Jackson, Libby Trickett, Barry Hall, Matthew Mitcham and Jana Pittman.

Janice Petersen is filling in for Jenny on this week’s episode (September 18) which discusses the concept of failure. Guests include former Socceroos captain Paul Wade and Mal Leyland – one half of the famous Leyland Brothers.

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New graphics and set for Insight this year, seems to be loosely based on the new SBS News package.

Overall, a huge improvement on the last look.


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Janice Petersen is guest hosting this week.

Janice Petersen is guest hosting next week.

With Jenny Brockie on a break guest hosts this month.

11 June - Marc Fennell
18 June - Janice Petersen

25 June - Ricardo GoncalvesIMG_20190625_065128 IMG_20190625_065122

9 July - Rachael Hocking

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Tuesday 23 July -

Jenny Brockie is back hosting this week , the show didn’t air last week (16 July) because of special ‘Chasing The Moon’.

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