David Speers will be back hosting this Sunday.
Throughout the election campaign special 90-minute editions of Insiders.

90 minute episodes will continue throughout the campaign.

Insiders: 90 minute Campaign Specials

Australia’s leading political program returns for Election Campaign 2022. David Speers and the panel bring you insights and analysis of the week in politics as Australians decide who will lead the nation for the next 3 years.

Throughout the election campaign David Speers brings you extended 90 minute episodes of Insiders, as the panel discuss the week on the campaign trail. Plus Casey Briggs tracks the polls and where the leaders visit.

Sunday 24 April -

David will be hosting from Gladstone in Queensland this week.

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Insides didn’t make it to air on time, at least in Queensland. After Weekend Breakfast finished at 9am, there was a brief news update with headlines. Then there was promised cross to Insiders but we got more Weekend Breakfast - I checked an it was a repeat of the program from 8am. At about 9:16 am the program crashed into Insiders in the middle of a discussion. The program is coming from Gladstone this morning.


Repeated segment 8:08 and 9:08

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They always have the most boring looking OB’s.

The weather probably doesn’t help, but always looks like they’ve just pulled up some bar stools and plonked them there.

Not to mention this set up.

Oh jeez, I didn’t think it could get worse but it does. They really don’t put much effort in, do they.

Wonder if they’ll agree to a second date?

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Looks like the awkward tension when someone is explaining the parma vs parmi reasoning.

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Speers explained at the end of the program that a technical problem caused that issue in Queensland and apologised for that.


Sunday 1 May -

Casey Briggs was MIA during a cross this morning.

When he did appear (7 minutes later) “one day the touch screen might get its own program”.


Sunday 8 May -

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Sunday 15 May-

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90 minutes for this program is way too long. I lost interest around 50 minutes into it.

No expense spared on the set again! Terrible position in relation to sun as well.


Sunday 22 May -


This morning’s episode was broadcast from the Australia Votes set in Sydney.



Back to 60 minute episodes from next Sunday onwards?

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