Inside Story

According to the shows twitter returning for 2016 in February.
Extraordinary Australians share their remarkable lives.
After the shows ratings over the past couple of years didn’t think it would be continuing.

Actually I saw an extended promo for the new season on Nine on Sunday, between one day cricket and Tour Down Under highlights.

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New promo says new season of Inside Story starts next Thursday, February 4.

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###Series return

Thursday 4 February 7.30pm

Inside Story, the Nine Network’s prime-time current affairs program, returns with a new fourth series.

Episode One: Walking Free

How could Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly inspire a 12-year-old boy to become one of the world’s great orthopedic surgeons?

A good question, and just one of many intriguing twists in the life of Dr Munjed Al Muderis: A privileged young Iraqi, living in luxury, who defied a dictator and narrowly escaped a bullet in the head; A refugee who arrived here on our shores with nothing. Not even a name - just a number.

And now he’s a proud and brilliant Australian … a miracle worker … who has pioneered revolutionary bionic surgery to help people walk again.

About the series

Hosted by Leila McKinnon, each week Inside Story profiles the courageous, the inspiring and the controversial remarkable Australians with extraordinary stories: Australians at the centre of issues and events that touch us all.

They are the story tellers, telling their stories in their words. From the heart-warming to the heartbreaking - human dramas, adventures, mysteries, medical miracles and real-life crime - stories that shock, entertain, intrigue and challenge.

###Episode Two: True Believers

Thursday 11 February at 7.30pm

This week, for the first time, Brian and Bobbie Houston open their doors to the public to discuss the controversy, the scandal and the glittering success of Hillsong and how at the very core of the church, was a nasty secret; A secret that, when exposed, would rock this Christian community and almost destroy Brian Houston.

It all began in an old school hall in Sydney’s Hills district. Now, it’s a global enterprise earning a fortune every year preaching to millions every week, with celebrity followers like Justin Bieber.

Largely, it is the vision of two people: Brian and Bobbie Houston, the charismatic husband and wife team, who revolutionised religion in Australia.

Just as Hillsong made converts, it made enemies too; its beliefs, its finances, its success have all been questioned time and time again.

###Golden Girl

Thursday 24 March at 7.30pm

Episode 8: Golden Girl

Tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Inside Story on Channel Nine we meet Keely Johnson, who physically stopped growing when she was 10 years old, and is now 17.

Keely has a rare and incurable form of cancer, but this hasn’t stopped her from living her life. Friends and family say her heart’s as big as Texas, but more importantly she is a terrific role model, giving love and hope to kids with cancer everywhere.

Incredibly, Keely has also had a number one hit on the country music chart and won the hearts of fans across Australia. Like any 17-year-old, Keely Johnson has her idols. First, her mum and dad, and being a kid from the country, it’s no surprise that the king of country, Lee Kernaghan, is her hero. But there’s someone else, someone totally unexpected. A little boy called Declan – her angel, who inspired her most of all.

Future on Inside Story is uncertain. No surprises really as its format seems to be middle ground of 60 Minutes and A Current Affair.

I feel that they should have persisted with the crime genre rather than going for the too light hearted stories so the show felt & looked too much like ACA or 60 mins. It would’ve been paired well with something like Matt Doran’s Crime Watch Daily or ONE’s 48 Hours etc afterwards.

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Something like Ten’s Wanted. I did prefer the original form with the reporters rather than just Leila McKinnon. Thursday nights are never good with ratings anyway these days.

To keep or not to keep Inside Story? Generally, I wouldn’t be too bothered either way but I will say that I think that Inside Story would’ve rated better (whether in the original mostly-crime based genre or the more lighthearted stories we’ve seen this year) if it was shown on a Tuesday or Wednesday night rather than Thursday when too many viewers are at the cinemas/late night shopping to be watching TV.


Well I was surprised that it even returned this year considering the low ratings last year.
Being similar to Australia Story (ABC) style of storytelling, l watched 3 episodes that appealed to me.But being on Thursday nights it didn’t appeal to viewers.

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