In-store Radio

Woolworths will have its own radio station from today, similar to Coles’ partnership with Nova (Coles Radio). According to radioinfo, Woolworths will stream specially curated, exclusive Pandora stations in more than 970 supermarkets every day of the week. The new digital station will be known as Woolworths Radio - powered by Pandora.

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Hardly surprising as Mood Media have a dedicated Pandora Streaming Device the Profusion iO that has been available in the USA for sometime. Their existing Profusion iS players can also be upgraded for Pandora support.

The Profusion iS can also offer iHeartRadio but according to the website it doesn’t appear to be available in Australia.

Apologies if this has been posted before, but a look at Coles Radio :slight_smile:

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I get that this article has its tongue sitting in its cheek, but you’d think even a beginner journalist could perform a simple google search. Surely NOVA are going to give you more interesting answers, and IMO overall makes for a more interesting article - a traditional radio company dedicating resources to supermarkets, and programming with the same thought and precision that they do Sydney or Mebourne’s biggest radio stations.

I noticed today that Supercheap Auto’s in-store radio plays ABC bulletins.

I walked in right at 11am and thought they were playing the ABC News Channel over the speakers.