I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

This is a very strange choice that I’m not very sure about. :man_shrugging:


Interesting choice. I guess Robert brings some type of credibility to the role.

The chemistry with Julia will be key. Was he funny/loose on Sunrise?

As much as I love these leaks, I also hate them :joy:. There will be no surprises come the upfronts.

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It will be a strange choice if it is true.

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You don’t like a positive vibe on television? :thinking: You’d rather have someone who is depressed and gloomy hosting a show?

I guess they’re going with someone who has animal knowledge. Going from Dr Chris Brown, a vet, to Robert Irwin, zookeeper, makes sense. Plus Robert Irwin has TV experience.

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Makes sense to me. Dr Chris was a vet before a tv presenter.

I think Julia will be able to bring the best out of him too. It’ll be different to her schtick with Dr Chris id think, but still good.

Steve was very popular overseas, with many people thinking that’s what all Australians were like, however in Australia some people found him cringy and it wasn’t until he passed that he became really popular here.

Robert is an interesting choice but I’m interested to see how it will work. They needed a straight man rather than a comedian so Julia has someone to bounce off, rather than someone else coming up with the funny lines.

Robert Irwin? I think all of us didn’t expect that choice.

He would have some knowledge of the creatures involved in some of the challenges, just like Dr Chris Brown. Which helps.

He’s only 19 years old (he’ll be 20 in December). He’ll be one of the youngest co-hosts of a primetime show here in Australia. At least he’s a very confident lad when he’s been on the telly (like Sunrise, The Irwins docos etc).

Great choice, didn’t expect it. Will be interesting to see how he goes in this role.

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Do we think the next announcement is Julia is out?

No. Julia has already said she is staying.

No its not that - there’s just a cringy element to the way that I think both Robert and Bindi (and Terri) have been media trained - and it can just be a bit much - dosent feel entirely real. But in saying that, this is a role that he could very much make his own and I think its a great choice. Let’s just hope that Julia dosent openly flirt with the 19 year old…


Is it from media training or are they just upbeat people? Steve Irwin was a livewire naturally and the kids seemed to always be like that.

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I think it comes with the ASD/ADHD element of it for Steve at least.

I think this would have been the perfect choice in 10 years. But at 20, I don’t think he has the maturity to lead the show.

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Probably a good get. He is really just getting started in whatever life career he has ahead, and it will likely involve TV.

He is the next generation don’t forget. Will likely be a bigger name in the next 20 years.

Might be a bit awkward in the next year or two until he finds his feet.

Whenever I’ve seen Robert on tv, it always seems like he is performing rehearsed lines to the class in a school presentation. Live tv will be well outside his current skill set.

Happy to give him a chance tho, we always say we want fresh faces. Glad the didn’t go for osher or grant.